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Jul 30, 2006 11:02 PM

What do you read first?

I go to Home Cooking first then General Topics and after that Not About Food and then to some local boards. I'd love to see the boards repositioned but maybe that is just me. The Home Cooking is what is most important to me and what Chowhound is about. You?

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  1. I think you are conditioned from the old site, if my memory serves me correctly it was set up that way. I start at My Chow to see the topics I've bookmarked and then go to Hot Posts and then I follow the same progression you do. I wish that the sub categories on the boards page were alphabetized.

    1. I start out on the California board, then I go to Home Cooking, then Not about Food, then Food and Media, then General...then all over. I love to read other cities/states boards.

      1. Home Cooking is my fav, but I also like General and Not About Food. I wish more people would post on the Midwest board -- I'm particularly interest in Roadfood-ish places.. My husband and I are willing to drive many miles to check-out a great fried chicken/tenderloin/whatever local treat offering. High-brow is good, but we really enjoy the sublime local offerings everywhere in the country (get'em while you can, before Mickey D's takes over).

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          I am sure you have been to the Marathon Food and Fuel in Gnawbone, but have you been to The Curly Dog on 31 just north of Edinburgh? It is unique and once was enough but we had to try it. It is a hot dog that has been slashed and coiled and deep fried. Served on a burger bun with a dressing that is sort of like tartar sauce.

        2. Depending on the board, I usually read yours first, Candy. ;>P

          Actually, I start with CA Hot Posts, then use the drop down to scroll all the way to the bottom for "Wine" (my Windows Firefox at work is much more friendly, relocating to a central position, but ONLY for this aspect), then proceed to read what I've missed, check everything as "Mark All As Read", and proceed up throught the Wash. D.C., Western Canada, Site Talk, SF Board, Pacific NW, New Orleans, and back to CA. Quick, efficient, and as long as I'm not away for an long period of time, no hassle at all (few minor tweak exceptions excluded).



          1. I save the best for last! I usually work my way through all the boards, then the Midwest board (my Home board) and then Home Cooking!

            Edited to add: Well, not all the boards, but you get the idea!