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Jul 30, 2006 10:54 PM

Very casual — Philadelphia

Having a first time meeting, in Center City, with someone I met on the internet. We both agreed that it will be extremely casual and inexpensive. ISO the best hoagie place. HELP.

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  1. Salumeria in the Reading Terminal Market.

    1. Salumeria and the Terminal was the site of our first date...16 years ago. good karma, enjoy your lunch.

      1. ditto the Salumeria. If it goes well you can enjoy exploring the market, can escape in the crowd.

        1. Another hoagie option in the RTM is Rocco's, with aged provolone! You may find, however, that the RTM is not the best place to get acquainted as it is noisy, crowded and hard to find a seat, unless you go after 2:00pm.

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            I really liked Rocco's when I visited three years ago and took a basic Italian combo with me on the road to Wayne and then to Columbus, OH. Their sharp provolone is sharper than any I've been able to find in the SF Bay area. During the first year back I stopped eating just about any other cheese but sharp provolone. I'm sorry now I didn't go to that cheese shop in South Philly that was recommended to me. What did I know!

          2. I tried Rocco's yesterday and it was expensive. I got the mixed cheese hoagie (sorry, I'm a veggie) and a medium soda and it was more than $8! The cheese (even the aged provolone) wasn't that great, it was kind of tasteless.
            Perhaps I should try Salumeria next time.