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Jul 30, 2006 10:50 PM

Catering suggestions for 25-30 people? Moderate-lower end pricey?

Any ideas? Continental spread of some sort?

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  1. You don't say where you're located, but I've had great luck with Maggiano's. With a group the size of yours, you pre-order a meal to be served family style. The standard is two salads, two pastas, two entrees and two desserts. You can add on items if you like.

    There's always PLENTY of food and the waiters are happy to bring you more if needed. The food is surprisingly good. Passing around the platers and bowls seems to add to the festivity. For lunch it's in the range of $20/pp inclusive of a soft beverage, tax and tip. I'm guessing dinner is somewhat more. I've taken groups from work there several times, and everyone always has a great time.

    1. Thank you. Actually, I was trying to figure out an "at home" event but, I won't rule out going to a restaurant. Sounds a bit like Buca de Beppo.

      BTW-the area is Westwood.

      1. Two caterers that I love that travel....The Kitchen for Exploring Foods in Pasadena and Green Acres Market in Simi Valley. The Kitchen definately has more of a continental flare and will customize a menu...presentation is quite nice as well. Green Acres on the other hand specializes in BBQ'd meats that are delicious....with amazing salads and pickled vegetables and accoutrements.

        1. We had lunch for 35 today and used Garden of Eating for the first time. We were quite pleased by the range of options that were offered. Check out the website:
          The company is located at 5499 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles 90016.