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Jul 30, 2006 10:08 PM

Planning business dinner for 18-30

I'm looking for help. I need to organize a business dinner (canapes, cocktails, 3 courses, about $100-150 per head) for a group in a private room. Where would you recommend? Where have you been?

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  1. I have a similar request. I need a private room for a group of doctors not too far from the convention center. I would like to keep it under US$100 per person. Probably 20-25 people. Thank you.

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    1. re: belle

      Belle, check out Adega. They have a beautiful room in the wine cellar. But I'm not sure what the maximum capacity is for it. Chiado (a sister restaurant) also has a private room in the wine cellar. Adega is closer and more convenient to the convention centre -- a short cab ride away.

      1. re: TorontoJo

        hosted events at Adega beofre in the wine cellar. great room. howver you're pushing it with 18-20 people.

        I second Rosewater or Kennedy's

    2. Rosewater Supper Club has a new private room. Not sure if it is open yet. Susur has a private room, but it may be over $100 with a set menu plus drinks. Also, Hy's Steakhouse has an upper level private area.

      1. Where, where and where? So many restos in Toronto have private rooms (and many of them are a million times better than Rosewater).


        Belle - which convention centre - Metro on Front?
        Industry Worker - Ottawa? Downtown Barrie? Oakville?

          1. re: belle

            Yikes - Metro Convention Centre is not exactly food friendly. If your group wants to walk, the only real place to walk to is King Street West. At your budget, I'm thinking one of the banquet rooms at Crush Wine Bar might be the way to go.


            I'll try to think of anything else in the area. I really don't think Susur will be anywhere near budget and I wouldn't rush to Hy's. Crush is above average (although not stellar).


          2. Thanks so much. I checked out Susur and it looks wonderful but also probably not appropriate for this group. I'm planning the dinner on behalf of a medical device manufacturer and the guests will be doctors. The budget is not firm, its a prestigious market for my client, I just dont want to go up to $200 per person. It also doesnt have to necessarily be in walking distance because the conference has numerous hotels, I just dont want to plan it in a completely remote location that will be very expensive to get to. Thanks so much.