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Jul 30, 2006 09:33 PM

RW Prime Rib with kids (longish)

My 14 year-old son is decidedly not a chowhound but has mentioned going to a nice restaurant with us and enjoys a good steak, so the wife and I made reservations for 6 at the Prime Rib Thursday (us, son, wife's cousin and wife and their 14 year-old boy).
Much groaning by the boys when they found out they had to wear jackets (even more when we got to the restaurant and found out that they had "suspended" the dress code for RW). After we were seated, I said to the boys "Cool looking place, huh?". Answer: "No, we don't like it". It started to look like a long evening. The boys were served their prime rib, took about 2 bites before exclaiming in unison "When can we come back here?" Evening saved. They both hoovered down their chocolate mousse pie as well.
The adult experience: The salad was bland and nothing special. My wife said the "roasted tomato soup" tasted like Campbell's. Carol, the wife of the cousin, had the flatiron stak, the rest of us went for the "special" cut of prime rib. The steak was good, nothing special. The boneless cut of prime rib was about 12 oz. and every bit as good as the usual 32 oz. bone-in monster. We got several family style bowls of mashed potatoes and creamed spinach as part of the RW special, also very good. For dessert, a very nice creme brulee.
Since we were saving money on the meals, Carol and I (the only wine drinkers in the bunch) decided to splurge on a bottle since I've heard the mark-up on wines at the PR is quite reasonable. I did some Internet research on their wine list which seemed to bear this out. We settled on a Spanish red, a 96 Pesquera Reserva for $75 (way more than I usually spend). Easily the best wine I ever had. Even the non-wine loving cousin liked it.
To sum up, RW proved an excellent way to introduce the kids to fine dining. I just hope I haven't picked up an expensive wine habit in the bargain.

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  1. I went with some friends last night, and I concur on the tomato soup (two of us mentioned Campbell's), the creamed spinach (fresh tasting, unlike Capital Grille), and the superlative creme brulee. The "special" cut of Prime Rib was cooked perfectly for our three different tastes. The key lime pie had the strongest lime flavor I've tasted and was very good. We also enjoyed the warm breadsticks and rolls. I don't remember it being this good the last time I was here, but that was . . . ahem . . . twenty years ago.

    A note about the environment. The place is very elegant ("swank" seems to be the right word), but very dark. Servers wear formal attire. On Sunday, there was live music, and the place was packed. Consequently, it was extremely loud. We were comfortable, but if you like a place that's sedate and quiet, you won't be happy here.

    1. "I just hope I haven't picked up an expensive wine habit in the bargain."

      No, you're pretty much screwed, LOL.

      Good pick, by the way. Congrats on not going with predictable choices like CA Cabernet Sauvignon. Pesquera is a fantastic producer, and the traditional style of the Riserva is a great pick with your meal.

      1. I assume you were drinking the 1996 Ribera del Duero Pesquera Reserva produced by Bodegas Alejandro Fernandez. It is an excellent wine and for $75, very well priced for a wine list. 1996 was an excellent year for the Ribera del Duero region. If you are looking for wines from that region try to buy some of the 2000 or 2001s. If you like the Spanish wines (and who doesn't) I'd also suggest you look for something from the Priorat region.