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mexican in columbus?

Hey hounds - I've been in Columbus for a while, but still haven't found any decent Mexican food (aside from a couple taco stands). Any suggestions?

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  1. Columbus where? Which state? There is more than 1 Columbus in the Midwest.

    1. Have you tried La Casita on Bethel? It is not as good as it used to be (they Americanized the menu), but is still pretty good.

      El Arepazo is a pretty good Venezuelan place downtown that also has some Mexican food. It is on Pearl Alley across from the Capitol.

      And if you are drunk and it is after midnight, it is hard to beat La Bamba "Burritos As Big As Your Head" near campus.

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        And there is Lindo on Sullivant Ave. on the west side of Columbus. It is a Cambodian and Mexican place that you should experience. But the Mexican food isn't that great.

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          Actually, I just ate another bland, disappointing meal at La Casita this afternoon. They've El Vaquero-ized it.

          I've heard good things about El Arepazo, but haven't made it down there yet.

        2. I like El Vaquero - they have several restaurants in Columbus, and their food is more Tex-Mex, but the service is great and the prices are reasonable. I also agree on La Casita. If you drive on West Broad Street between 270 and the Hilltop neighborhood, there are a number of food carts set up daily that have great tortas and the like. All of West Broad is a great resource for Mexican food - there is an excellent grovery behind Westland mall and there are a lot of little hole-in-the-wall restaurants that I want to try.

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            I would try La Plaza Tapatia near the Westland Mall. They have a larger seafood menu than most Mexican restaurants. Its right next door to a Mexican grocery store

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              Have you tried it since it changed owners? I used to go there all the time but I haven't been since it changed owners. I heard it had declined, but I need to check it out again. It did have a great menu!

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                I'll give La Plaza Tapatia a try. Usually, if I'm on the west side, I just head to Starliner Diner rather than take a chance -- especially since divey mexican places can be really good or really bad, and Starliner is so consistently excellent.

            2. Not strictly a Mexican restaurant, more pan Latin or just plain eclectic, I like Starliner Diner in Hilliard.

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                You beat me to it, but yeah. Great restaurant.

              2. La Fogata in Pickerington (Columbus suburb - right off of 70 east) is very good, many people travel to go to it. It seems authentic - for example, they don't serve cheese with certain items unless you ask for it. Their mild/medium is hot to me, etc.

                Here's their website: http://www.lafogatagrill.com/

                1. I had to laugh when someone mentioned La Bambas. The place turned into a mecca for students after the bars closed on campus. In fact, that was their slogan "after the bars close." The old fave: steak burrito, extra sour cream, no onions. I don't remember how it tastes.

                  1. For mostly authentic New Mexican cuisine youc antry Chile Verde in the Carriage Place shopping center at the corner of Sawmill and Bethel.

                    1. I have not tried all the places that are mentioned here. I had heard good things about La Casita from others, but it seems like it is getting mixed reviews here.

                      I like Las Margaritas on Henderson, I suppose it is a chain since there are several in the area. Anyway, their chips/salsa are excellent and fajitas are remarkable, and margaritas are good. Other standard fare on their menu is more forgettable.

                      1. my boyfriend's from LA, and he's pretty snobby about his mexican. We found a dive taqueria on Henderson Rd. called Cuco's. It's tiny, has an attached market, and the decor leaves alot to be desired, but the fish tacos are the best he's had since he's moved to Ohio.

                        1. It's not Mexican, but Starliner Diner is fantastic. It's supposedly more Cuban but I've had things there that seemed Mexican to me. Or maybe I'm way off base.