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Jul 30, 2006 09:25 PM

FatApples - FRESH blueberry pie, fresh raspberry pie, apricot-ollieberry & the bran muffin

Well, the bran muffin sounds a little anti-climatic after all that pie. I've been after that bran muffin ever since Robert mentioned it a while back, but they were always out.

It is a nice classic bran muffin with big chunks of walnuts, enough raisins and a texture that isn't too dry. The bran itself has a nuttiness to it. It is not overly sweet and nicely balanced.

HOWVER, the big news is their fresh bluebery pie ... you know, like the fresh strawberry pies with the glaze on them ... only with blueberries ... good blueberries, tasty blueberries.

The glaze is excellent, on the light side so it doesn't turn to glop. It just enhances the blueberry-ness of the pie. There is some respectable whipped cream piped around the pie. The berries sit on a thin layer of custard. For a shortening-based crust, FatApples does one mighty fine job.

They also had fresh raspberry which I haven't tried or the apricot-ollieberry. IMO, FatApples does a far superior job of ollieberry than Duarte's does. The apricot-ollieberry seems like an interesting combo.

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  1. I have only had WONDERFUL pies at Fat Apples, and that blueberry does sound MIGHTY good...thank you for the heads up!

    1. Fat Apples makes the best rhubarb crisp I've ever had -- a perfect combination of tart rhubarb (not oversweetened as is typical for most places & recipes) and a crisp, sweet, crunchy topping. If you get it with ice cream, ask for the ice cream on the side. It's a good combination, but the big lump of ice cream gets in the way (and melts too fast).

      Also, I went in there one time to get it, and couldn't find it on the menu. Nor was it on the chalkboard, nor was it listed as a seasonal special. So in desperation, I asked, and the waitress said, "Oh sure, we have it." After a moment of stunned silence, I said, "But how do you expect anyone to order it if it's not listed anywhere?", a question she seemed to find incomprehensible.

      They may have moved on to peach crisp by this time, though.

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      1. re: Karen_Schaffer

        We used to go there for good burgers and the cheese puffs, a sweet I don't think I would enjoy as much today. Are those still a dessert highlight for many Fatapples visitors?

        1. re: vanillagrrl

          I had one of those cheese puffs a few months ago after attending a funeral. The pastry was surprisingly good. When I lived in N Berk., I always liked that Chocolate Dream ? pie.

      2. I didn't think the banana cream pie was very good. The filling was overly sweet and too creamy, with not enough fruit, in contrast with the banana cream at Walker's on Solano, where the crust is very flaky and the filling is very nice and bananaey. The rhubarb pies at Walker's are very poor, though.