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Jul 30, 2006 09:12 PM

Recommendations around Front and Jarvis

Seeking a recommendation around Front and Jarvis for a group of 8 where 2 are vegetarians. Something within walking distance would be best but a 8-10$ cab ride wouldn't be out of the question, our budget is 30-40$ per person.

I've been looking at Le Papillon and Toba based on other posts recommendations.

Any other suggestions would be fab.

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  1. I doubt you'd get out of Toba for $40./. I've yet to find anyone who actually lives in this neighbourhood that likes it.

    If you like Korean food that isn't blistering hot, try Ninth Gate. Then there's Kultura on King that's so new the prices are unknown. Certainly it's Chefdb pedigree seems worthy. Hiro Sushi, but you'd really have to watch what you're ordering to meet the budget. Izakaya is supposed to be good, but I've not been.

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      Thanks Googs :)
      I've been to Ninth Gate and can't say I was overly impressed, the Pajun and Kalbi we very good, but I thought the bi bim bop was average, I went the week it opened so maybe I should give them another try. Hiro's is very good, but as you said I don't think we could dine for only 40$ a person. I'll have to stop by Izakaya and Kultura and see what's on the menus.


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        Then allow me to be the first person to live in the area to say how much I enjoy Toba. While I will say that the service can at times be touch and go, it is few and far between to leave unhappy or unsatisfied. The food is unpretentious and for good value. The wine list changes often enough that you can always find something new to taste and weekend brunches are almost always with a line-up 5-6 deep.

        You could get out of there for $40 per person, as I've done it, but that's simply only with a main and a glass of wine and little else.

        I would book far ahead for a party of eight as it is a rather small space and the 8 would take up a considerable amount of space.

        As for Le Papillon, I personally couldn't stand this place. Service was dreadful, the food was tasteless, the chairs were very, very uncomfortable. I know people who have enjoyed this place themselves, I just can't see the appeal.

        As for Eggplant - while the food was okay, the atmosphere was unexistant, the service was worse as they were more interested in talking with their friends than they were myself and my wife, and the space was boring. It is regularily busy, as it has become an 'in-spot' - another resto where I don't see the appeal and probably wouldn't go back.

        May I suggest the following, both bars/'pubs' with decent service and good food where you absolutely could get out for less than $40 per person - the Richmond Rogue (at Sherbourne/Richmond) and Betty's (at King/Sherbourne).

        1. re: DAB

          Listen to DABS - do not, under any circumstances, go to Le Papillon. Horrendous.

          As posted further down, Laide is a fantastic resto, although I'm not sure about the veggie options.


          1. re: Cereal Killer

            DAB, CK, Thanks for the advice and suggestions will have to look into your suggestions.

      2. I would recommend Izakaya in that area and it would definitely meet your budget; however, I'm not sure what kind of atmosphere you're looking for. Don't get me wrong... I like Izakaya's decor and ambience but I think the high ceilings amplify all the sounds in there. So if you're looking for a quaint and quiet place for you and your 8 friends to have intriguing and endless conversations, I would probably discourage you from going to this place. As well, your group may find it a little steep to pay $30-40 for a bowl of noodles and a side or two (although ingredients are very fresh and tasty!)

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          I tried Izakaya today at lunch, it was very good. I had the cold soba noodles, they were very tasty and my partner had the beef ramen which he enjoyed. I'll be going back to try a hot noodle dish next. Not sure if I'll go with the group yet but it's made it to my list :)

          Thanks for the suggestions.

        2. I can't wait to try Kultura, have head the decimated a copuple of nearby restaurants in their hiring...

          Ninth Gate did not impress me either, can get twice as much food for half the price in a "regular" Korean resturarant.

          You can try Eggplant @ King & Sherbourne it should meet your budget and the place is nice inside. I have not had a full meal there yet just stopped in for a drink and nibbled a bit... Funny they are owned by a media company nad they have not even put up a website yet.. still says under construction...

          Also Laide at Adelaide & Jarvis is always good for a bunch of people. They have a few Veg items on their menu..

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            Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check out the menu at Eggplant this week and see if it would be a good choice.


          2. Foundation Room, right at Front/Church, is a great place to go to later for drinks.

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            1. re: dlw88

              Thanks :) I've been to there a few times and have had a good time we might have to check it out again.


            2. Marc - I live at the Esplanade and eat out often. Trust me buddy when I tell you the following:
              1. Le Papillion - not sure how it stays open -the food, atmosphere and service are horrendous.
              2. Hot House Cafe- even worse than Le Papillion if that is possible. Again, blows me away that human beings eat here more than once. This place should be closed down and a great restaurant opened here.
              3. Toba - been there for breakfast - french toast was wet and undercooked (gross) service was full of attitude and the place is downright dirty. Again, I am puzzled that this place remains open.
              4. Eggplant - without a doubt, one of the better restaurants in Toronto of late. The environment is cool, modern and clean. The service is always friendly, never obtrousive, and best of all, the food - excellent. Marc, I have not yet had a bad meal here and go personally and with clients. It is not pricey, and they are consistent. You will not be disappointed.
              5. Head to the Foundation Room afterwards- great spot for a couple of drinks on a hot night.
              6. Out of the area, another spot that was truly excellent - food, atmosphere and service - 93 Harbourd. My buddy and I went after work one night after reading on Chowhound it was decent - the food and service were top notch - we'll be back.
              7. Lee - Finally, another dog in Toronto - for the best place to waste your money, go to Lee. The place to be seen so 'they' say - what a load of crap. The food and service here are a total joke. $100 bucks with one glass of wine and we ate only 2 out of 4 dishes. The food was that bad. I DID NOT WANT TO PAY. I'm getting really disgusted with bad restaurants in Toronto and welcome anyone to advise me of consistently great places to dine in this city.