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Jul 30, 2006 08:56 PM

Downtown Orlando: Report (long)

Thanks to all who had offered their suggestions. The trip was fun, and the food was great. Meals were as follows:

1. K Restaurant. We grazed on 2 salads (one with watermelon and mint, and another with grapefruit segments and spinache, among other ingredients) and 3 appetizers (amazing roasted garlic, scallop seviche and calimari), plus some nice wine, and were so full that we didn't have room to sample the excellent cheese selection. The place was very comfortable, and our server (Judy, I think) was very knowledgeable and helped us navigate the creative menu. Reasonble prices/value.

2. The Boheme. Gorgeous restaurant and attached bar. Very comfortable and because of the table placement, very private. Excellent waiter, and some truly incredible food. Carpacio, tuna tartare and foie gras appetizers, after which we split a filet. We were more impressed with the appetizers (each of which was a stand-out), but our fault for ordering the filet, which isn't the most interesting thing on the menu. Pricey, but great for a special occasion.

3. Le Coq au Vin. Strange to have a restaurant in what looks like a double-wide trailer sitting on a train track. But the menu was classic French (inluding the namesake, cassoulet, souffles etc) and the prices were VERY reasonable. Tables very close together and kind of loud. Service friendly and informal. Liver pate and gruyere souffle appetizers were both great, and the coq au vin and creole eggplant with shrimp and crabmeat were delicious. Nice wine selection. Also loved the fact that most main dishes were offered in full and half orders.

4. Little Saigon. Was hungry at 4pm, and figured the place would be dead. It was packed. Had one of the best summer rolls I've ever tasted, with a lovely peanut sauce, for the whopping price of $2.50!! Great menu, cheap prices. Iffy service (I think my waiter had a job packing groceries across the street and just came back to visit my table on his breaks).

5. Waffle House. Hey, when in the South..... I confess, I'm a WH junkie!!

All in all, a great trip. Thanks again to Bob and others for your help.

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  1. Glad it worked out, and hope our normal muggy summer weather and afternoon showers didn't spoil the weekend.

    Actually, the building Coq Au Vin is in used to be the sales office for a company that sold those old log cabin, second homes that used to be popular in the 50s and 60s. Not quite a double wide, but close.

    It can be noisy and a bit crowded there, but its such a great place, we put up with it. Unfortunately, chef Louis and wife Magdelana, who always made the experience so special, are seldom on site anymore. Their personal touch made it even better.

    Please come back, and thanks for letting us know how things went.