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Jul 30, 2006 07:19 PM

Best Korean Shaved-Ice/Sweet Bean Dessert in KTown?

Looking for the ultimate Phat-Bing-Su in Koreatown, can anyone recommend a cafe? So many bakeries and cafe, not sure which one has the best!

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  1. I haven't found real Korean ice ecstacy yet,
    but New York Bakery, 3120 W. 8th Street, always sates my sweet, brain-freeze needs.
    I like Japanese koori and Hawaii shaved ice waay better.
    The Korean ice tends to be on krun-chee side. Their fruit toppings are nice, tho.


    1. FWIW, I prefer Mr. Coffee over Ice Kiss, though both are popular in general. In addition to being a nicer space, I feel like Mr. Coffee uses more fresh fruit vs. canned, their fresh fruit is fresher than Ice Kiss's (no bruised bananas). Price is comparable. Mr. Coffee has one size only and it's more expensive than Ice Kiss's smallest bowl, but it's also bigger (and cheaper than Ice Kiss's bigger bowls).

      1. I second the Mr. Coffee (6th and Western, IIRC) recommendation... I like their fruit version, which eschews the red bean in favor of strawberry ice cream, sliced fruit (kiwi, strawberry, and bannana), and a sprinkling of fruity pebble-type cereal. If you must have the beans, they also have a "regular" version, but I can't recall if they have those execrable gelatin candies covered with sugar that a lot of places drop haphazardly on the desert.

        I've had Ice Kiss paht bing soo and I prefer the Mr. Coffee version, but it's pretty good at Ice Kiss too.

        1. I usually split the green tea bingsoo at Gaam cafe/antiques (6th & Alexandria in the second story of the plaza across the street from AAA Restaurant) with one-three others. While it costs a hefty $10, 's not so bad, considering any/all coffee and (probably) tea drinks are about $6. The green tea bingsoo has: green tea ice cream, dduk (rice cake), fruit (canned, however, I believe...tsk!), condensed milk, paht (red bean), and maybe...jelly?

          1. In regards to my own post, I have found a fairly decent place, Paris Baguette (2 Locations, one in OC and one in K-Town) Very fresh ingredients with no canned fruit cocktail! Runs $6 but worth it for the quality, plus you can always pick up some fresh Korean style pastries!