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Queens Pizza Tour - I need help!

After a successful Brooklyn tour last summer, we're kicking off the Queens tour in 2 weeks. That's right, an entire day of pizza eating all around the boro. Of course Nick's in Forest Hills will be our first stop. But then what?

I'm counting on you, my fellow hounders, to help me out here. Slices, pies, Sicilian, regular, it doesn't matter. It just has to be accessible by public transit.


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  1. I would be curious to know where you went on the Brooklyn tour. I moved to Astoria fairly recently, but I like the coal oven pizza at Sac's and the Sicilian at Rizzo's. Not sure where they are in relation to public transportation, though...

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      mostly the usual places -- totonnos, L&B, grimaldis, di fara... I think the queens trip will be more of a challenge. Sac's (which is on my corner) and Rizzo's are def. stops for us. As is Rose & Joe's, and now, we'll totally check out Graziella. Thanks for the help!

    2. In Flushing, there is Graziella. From the Main Street subway station, walk around the corner to 39th and Union and take the Q28 bus.

      1. The square at Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery
        22-40 31 St
        Astoria [Right by the Ditmars Blvd stop on the N/W]

        1. Nick's is a good start. Other Queens pizza places from there would be Rosa's in Maspeth, but that requires a ride on the bus. You can hop on the Q58 at the Grand Ave station on the R/V line. Here's a link to a thread on Rosa's: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          From there, I like Sapori d'Ischia's pizzas. Especially their robiola cheese and truffle oil one. But that seems more suited to cooler weather. Sapori is a full service restaurant and not a pizza joint. If you go after Rosa's, you can hop on the Q18 right across the street from Rosa's and take that past Woodside to 37th Ave/58th St. You'll be two blocks from Sapori d'Ischia.

          From here, I'm at a loss for good Italian style pizza, but since this is Queens, you have other cultural interpretations on the pizza, like the Indian style ones you can find in Jackson Heights. I would also recommend the Turkish pide, especially at Hemsin on Queens Blvd/39th St. I would also recommend going to Astoria for the Albanian pizzerias for their burekas. I've always liked Djerdan for their special buredjike, but that's more like a meat pastry than a pizza. There are a couple other places around 30th Ave near Steinway as well. Finally, around Steinway, you'll also find places serving middle eastern lahamejun (I know I'm butchering the spelling).

          1. Don't forget VIPizza on Bell Blvd., one of the best pizza places in the Bayside area. Also, if you want the best sicilian slice, stop in at Matese on Francis Lewis Blvd., about a mile down from Graziella.

            So if you are doing this by MTA, the 13 goes up bell blvd, and crosses the 28 at its last stop. So if I were you, I would first hop on the 28 to francis lewis, catch the 76 to get to Matese, get back on the 76 going back to where you would get the 28 to stop in at graziella, then take the 28 all the way to the end at bell where you can get the 13.

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              VIP is good for the area (the rest are mediocre at best) but I don't know that I'd go out of my way.

              If you do end up there stick with the Sicilian. The rest is nothing special.

              And skip Matese altogether. I've heard it used to be good. If thats true it's gone way down hill.

            2. I am partial to Dee's on Metropolitan Ave in Forest Hills. Try the Four Seasons, pepperoni is excellent.

              1. NEW PARK on Cross Bay Blvd.

                Sweet sauce for my taste but excellent and one of the best in queens.

                1. Rosa's in Maspeth is good. They've expanded their offerings in the past few years, to include wacky things like rigatoni pizza, chicken caesar slice, grandma slice (no cheese), but I still think their sicilian is their best slice.

                  1. Alba's on queens boulevard and main street (and go next door for dessert - same owners)

                    1. VI Pizza is indeed excellent -- Sal's Pizza in Little Neck (Northern Blvd at Morgan St at the city line) beats it by a hair, however.

                      My dad swears by the place in the Whitestone Shopping Center aross the highway from the big-nasty movie theater/NYT printing press.

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                        The place in the shopping center is Amore, a search on chowhound will show mixed reviews. I stop at Amore very often for a couple of slices but only when I am passing by, I do not go out of my way. It is thin with the standard canned sauce and processed cheese, however they do produce a very good slice. As part of a "pizza tour" I guess it is worth a stop, but generally it is just a very good local option,nothing more. I'm surprised at the mention of Sal's and VIPizza, as I consider them places I would not walk out of my way to try. Matese used to be very good but has lost a little something with the new owners. I was born and raised in Queens live nearby and visit family often and I have to say that other then Nick's,there is not one other place I would recommend as a destination. Just tons of below average joints. I go regularly to DiFara and Patsy's in Harlem to satisfy my craving.

                      2. I used to think 'Ariels' in Sunnyside (around 46th street) had excellent slices, but I moved away a long time ago and haven't been there for 3-4 years (and haven't heard much on this board about it, so it mihght have gone downhill)


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                          Ariels were shut down a few months back. Never heard why, but there was a health dept sticker on the door and they closed up shop pretty much overnight. I like Donato's pizza. 39th ave and 51st.

                        2. When did Matese change owners? Its been the same guys for many years, unless they have changed recently as I havent had a slice of their sicilian for a couple of months.

                          Also, I don't know if its still there but Valentinos on Kissena Blvd. has/had THE BEST spinach pizza pie.

                          1. Wow, you guys are a great help! I'll consult my fellow tourists, draw up our map and let you know how it goes.
                            Thanks again!

                            1. Amore in the Pathmark shopping center is the way to go. The neighborhood swears by it....even though i don't live in the neighborhood anymore.

                              1. I have tried Amore. Okay, not really a "destination" pizza place imo.

                                1. I think the Amore dealio is that the sauce is sweeter than most, so if that works for you, you love it-- but if not, you don't.

                                  I grew up around the corner from Sal's -- and two doors down from Sal's house -- so I will fully admit that my fandom may well be a combination of it being my first regular pizza and some nostalgaia.

                                  VI Pizza in Bayside -- tho -- I think it's the best in the 'hood. Remember, even if you think that Nick's is the best in the borough (I gotta go try it, seeing as I work in FH now), this guy wants to do a Queens pizza tour, you are going to have to have some other places in there.

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                                    Try Il Vesuvio further up Bell. I love the place as a great local, kid friendly and cheap joint. The pizza is also pretty good.

                                  2. And once again, I recommend Ozone Pizzaria--Liberty Ave near woodhaven Blvd.....in Ozone Park--great authentic pizza--and unbelievably cheap--even good antipasto salad--garlic twists--little joint--eat there all the time--and definitely worth going out of your way for----------Chowhounders, get with it already, and check this place out--I'm sick of singing its praises alone--

                                    1. I'd suggest Leone's at 8402 Cooper Ave in Glendale (near the new Atlas Park mall). Nothing fancy, just the great pizza of my childhood that I CRAVE while stuck 1,000 miles away! No need to add anything---plain cheese pizza is done RIGHT here.

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                                        Leone's is such a trip! I love that place--they have great Broccoli and cavetelli, and good linguine and white clam sauce--cheap lunch specials, and big portions--their chicken parm is pretty good as well----------and even better are the pastas, or amazingly great sandwich deals at La Tavernetta------2 glendale spots for me--------

                                      2. "YOU CAN'T FIND A GOOD SLICE OF PIZZA IN QUEENS" - Tommy (forgot the last name), a guy I used to work with in Bay Ridge.

                                        Ironically, I had been living in Brooklyn for around 8 years, and had just moved back to Queens, only to hear the above-quote arise from a conversation being held by a set of fanatics capable of coming to blows over who serves the best sicilian slice. These die-hards can talk pizza into the wee hours, dragging out the fine points of fresh mozzarella until the garbage trucks start beeping down on the boulevard. They pray in the direction of Totonnos, speak in tongues at the mention of Pizza Wagon, flagellate themselves outside of Spumoni Gardens, all the while at the ready - upon hearing someone suggest that good pizza is attainable outside of brooklyn - to give that sorry sucker a mouthful of fist.

                                        Having heard Tommy say this, and - as I mentioned - just having moved back to Queens after an absence of 8 years - I wasn't so much hurt as I was amused and even a little bit titilated. Without knowing it, Tommy had thrown down a tomato colored gauntlet with that statement. In the same way that Seinfeld had to find himself a rentable living space in Tuscanny, I kept it in the back of my mind, and, sometimes at the front, to seek out some good slices in Queens. After all, we're talking about a huge borough here. How is it mathematically possible for Tommy's statement to be true. Mind you, the argument was not about Brooklyn's infinite superiority; we're talking about one place, just one, in which Tommy would have to sprinkle his words onto the pie, along with the grated cheese, and take a Bensonhurst-sized bite.

                                        Having lived back in Queens for 7 years, I now - after all these years - have 5 rock-solid places that I'd like my old pal Tommy to check out, and, jenhen, on the chance that you're still checking back on this section, you might want to include them on your Queens Pizza Soiree(in geographical order, fanning out from the direction of Manhattan):
                                        1. without question, the sicilian slice at Rose and Joe's under the N elevated in Astoria. if i had to judge, i'd say that only Spumoni's beats this sicilian, if at all.
                                        2. Only been here once, but Corona Pizza serves up a solid slice. Not spectacular, but, like I said, solid. Good enough to contradict Tommy, anyway. Plus, it's a stone's throw away from an italian meat market, a miniature run-down town square that's high on alcohol in brown bags and atmosphere, and, of course, the Lemon Ice King of Corona, if that's your thing (be sure, when you sidle up to the ordering window, to ask them to mix flavors. you'll be seeing red all the way home)
                                        3. a lot of people, both on Chowhound and in the press, rave about Nick's, which is right in my 'hood, so you owe it to yourself to try it out. if you dig it, great, but, for my money - which is sparse after dining at Nick's - this place is perhaps the most overrated pizzeria in the city. on my most recent visit, the spinach on my pie seemed like it was five days old, and some of the other ingredients practically slid off the dough. Most recently, though, NY magazine not only listed it as one of Queen's best, but as one of NY's 5 best pizzerias, period. So, it's definitely worth checking out. You be the judge.
                                        4. Now, on the other hand, Dani's House Of Pizza (Lefferst Blvd), buttressed into the back of a Long Island Rail Road station like an off-kilter doorjam, serves up a thin, crisp, juicy slice that owes more to its' oregano sweetened sauce than to anything else. grab any number of exotic ice-cold beers that face you from across the cozy counter, hunker down and dig in. You'll soon become as much a fixture of the place as are the numerous lineup photos of the young Sinatra. Singha's is just across the street, by the way.
                                        5. New Park Pizza in Howard Beach. Passed this place, which puts the "J" back in "joint", a bunch of times while cruising Cross Bay Boulevard, finally hit it one late December evening on my way home from work. made a point of hitting it again. Again, like Corona, not spectacular, but tastey enough, in my mind, to "rate" somewhere up in the top 50 in Tommy's book.
                                        Of the 5, I would put Rose and Joe's and Dani's on my "must" list, Jenhen.
                                        Please be sure to let us know, wherever you choose to go, how your Queens pizza tour turned out. And, depending on the results, you might want to give a shout out to my old, long-lost friend Tommy.
                                        Yours truly, Polecat.

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                                          I like Corona Pizza, also---doesn't get alot of mention--but Dani's is definitely not a go to place for me.......see the report on Ozone Pizzaria, and get yourself there--and tell your friend.......

                                        2. Romano's Pizza is on Cross Bay Blvd. across the street from New Park Pizza.
                                          I go there from Staten Island because it is so good. We get a large sausage with extra cheese. The sauce they use is terrific.

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                                            I know where that is- I'll definitely try it next time I'm in the 'hood.

                                            My usual approach to the area is to go to New Park for a standard cheese slice hot out of the oven. They have an awesome crust- flaky and tender with varying degrees of char- and a decent enough tangy sauce.

                                            Or Gino's down the street has a terrific eggplant slice and other variations on the 'Grandma". The eggplant is not breaded, rather sauteed in olive oil (skin on) before going on the pie with fresh mozzarella, pulpy tomatoes and fresh basil. The eggplant is silky and flavorful, if a little oily (but in a good sort of way).

                                          2. There is no doubt about the quality of a fresh Sicilian slice from Rosa's on 69th Street off Grand Ave. Pizza Boy on the corner of 74th St and 37th Ave is a Neopolitan classic that has survived the Indian invasion of Jackson Heights. Also, Singa's personal pizzas - no slices. Broadway near Corona Ave.