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Jul 30, 2006 06:44 PM


Although I have a selection of good quality European style knives, I have wanted to try a Santoku Japanese knife for quite a while. The Japanese Woodworker store is on my list as is The Wok Shop (for other stuff) the next time that I'm in the S.F. Bay Area.

When I go to a Sam's Club I always check out the limited restaurant supplies aisle and when I went a couple of days ago they had a two-pack of santoku style knives for $12 and some change! I've already used it and it is great. I now know that I'll get a high quality Santoku some day but for a utilitarian tool I'm very happy. The 10-inch chefs knives are $14 and some change for a two-pack. They are Tramontia brand, made in Brazil, have the ubiquitous white plastic handles so common on cheap restaurant knives. They also have paring and boning knives at a similar savings.

They also have some heavy mixing bowls that are as large as 13-guarts and smaller ones that are sold individually.

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  1. Life's too short to bother with these. Most are very difficult to keep sharp. I've seen similar at Costco. They look, at a distance, like the real deal and plainly appeal to people looking for kitchen decor. Sadly, cheap US-made carbon steel knives seem to have vanished. Save your $ and buy the real thing.