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Jul 30, 2006 06:03 PM

NY Hound Family Needs Help in London

So, I'm a minor college-hound (19) back in NY who loves lots of different food and exploring NY looking for it. However, now I am in London on a family vacation with the parents (50s) and the sister (17). The parents are omnivores, I only eat chicken, veggies and the such and the sister doesn't like spicy food. Finding a decent (and decently-priced) restaurant therefore, is rather difficult. We are in London (South Kensington) for a few more days and are willing to travel. You London hounds seem ridiculously lucid about local grub. Any ideas for where I can take the family and have a good, satisfying meal?

P.S.- We already went to a chow-recommended place around here- Bosphorous Kebab- and were heavily impressed. Thanks!

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  1. If you will look at my post to Judith just a little further down on the page, you will see a whole list. The Brompton Cross area is loaded with excellent possibilities. You might check out www.hardens.com or stop in the nearest news agents or book store for a copy of their London dining guide. They are very accurate and in the back of the book they have all of the neighborhoods mapped out with which restaurant is where. Oh BTW with their rating system the lower the number the better. I am going to order a new copy this afternoon for our nest trip. We always stay in S. Ken and beileve me just stroll down Old Brompton Rd or up Brompton Rd and read the menus. The only bad food we ever had was in a fish and chip shot near the S. Ken. tube. I think we were having a mental aberration when we decided oh well why not?

    1. Does this mean you don't eat any meat (except chicken) or fish? You can go to some Cantonese restaurants: Royal China on queensway, on the other side of the park is good. More locally, Racine on Brompton Road is a sort of French brasserie food, that has some safe options on the menu, but it ends up being quite expensive. What sort of budget do you have?

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        We love Racine and Brasserie St. Quentin whoch is just a few doors away.

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          Both Racine and Brasserie St. Quentin have 'early bird' special prices. I believe 2 course dinner is £20 which is good value.