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Jul 30, 2006 05:49 PM

Craft Steak at MGM

We are dining there on a comp in a few weeks - any specific recommendations for dishes which Hounds have enjoyed ? Any suggestions re: where we should request to be seated (for a party of two). Thanks !

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  1. We had a wonderful beet salad and excellent calamari salad. The short ribs were excellent. Overall, a very pleasant meal and would return again.

    1. i am a vip at the mgm grand and always get all my meals comped however even at the price of free i would not eat there. the only good thing i can say about that place is the service is good. the food is ok but nothing fancy i would reccomend u try to get the comp switched over to another restaurant.

      i am dissapointed that the mgm took out the brown derby and replaced it with craft it was a mistake on their part.

      1. I've eaten at Craftsteak 3 times in the last couple of years and I love it. Great atmosphere and food. The short ribs are incredible. The roasted meats are good including the porterhouse and Kobe flat iron. The grilled ribeye, which I usually love, was kind of tough and chewy. The roasted scallops were also great.

        I had a great meal at Nob Hill at the MGM last time I was there. Incredible.

        1. You should read Frank Bruni's review in the times from a few weeks ago. It is about the restaurant in NY, but I went to the one in vegas and had the same thoughts. I live in NY and like/expect my steakhouse steaks to be grilled or broiled at a very high temp to get the nice black crust and deep red middle. Craftsteak roasts all their meats at a much lower temp and they do not get the crispy outside.

          I personally didn't care for the steak and would agree with italian lover that I would not eat there for free. If you are looking for an awesome steakhouse check out Delmonico's at the Venetian. If you have hotel comps, I would try and get into L'Atelier Joel Rubochon or if you are really a high roller Mansion Joel Rubochon (I think it is almost $500 per head) which is supposed to be the best meal you will ever eat in your life.

          1. Ate at CraftSteak in May. I had the bison steak and found the flavor was completely overwhelmed by the rosemary it was cooked with. I also agree with John that the steak did not have a crisp outer layer, but that didn't really bother me. My boyfriend had the short ribs, which were very good. If I went back, that's what I would get. I would recommend sitting in one of the booths along the wall, where you can look at all the other patrons (who will probably be wearing t shirts and flip flops). There are no casino views and certainly no windows...