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Jul 30, 2006 05:25 PM

What to do with Leftover Lasagna Noodles?

I'm making a couple of small lasagnas today - I'm making them in 2 small loaf pans. Small because there is only 2 of us. This way one gets frozen in a nice compact way for later use.

My husband has been going back to school 3 nights a week - I get home from work around 6:45, he leaves at 7:30 so it only gives us 45 quick minutes to have dinner together. I'm trying to prep some things in advance this weekend which can be easily reheated in the microwave and eaten quickly. Lasagna fits those qualifications.

But I want to cook up the whole package of noodles. Usually I use the no-bake noodles but lately I haven't been pleased with the outcome of them so I'm going back to boiling them this time - just for reference sake since it's been so long.

I'm racking my brains out trying to come up with something interesting to do w/the leftover noodles. I don't want to repeat the baked cheese/tomato sauce idea - trying to come up with a different flavor. I'm thinking something w/pesto maybe? Or cutting up the remaining sheets into strips and using for a fast stir fry?

Any ideas?

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  1. Cut them in half lenthwise (to make thinner strips) and make a mushroom cream sauce, an olive-oil based vegetable primavera with lots of pecorino, or a mostly stew meat with some tomato sauce and cinnamon.

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      Thanks Fara, I like the oil based veggie idea alot! I always have pecorino in the house, and happened to be at the greenmarket yesterday and picked up a lot of nice veggies. That's a winner!

    2. How about some roll-ups? You could use whatever kind of meat or vegie filling you like and then use either a pesto,cream, or red sauce. I've made this with many dif types of fillings. Quite easy, just spread on noddles, and then roll-up, lay in pan-much like if you were making cin rolls- and cover with whatever sauce you like. Add cheese if you want and bake till brown and bubbly. Fara's ideas sound great too!

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        A variation on jackie de's roll-ups--if all the ingredients are thoroughly cooked and you want to freeze single serving portions, make the roll ups and place them in a large muffin tin lined with plastic wrap and spritzed with cooking spray. Freeze until solid and store in a ziptop bag in the freezer. Reheat and top with the sauce of your choice! I love this trick because I can just grab as many as are needed for a quick meal.

        Other flavor ideas for roll ups
        Leftover thai or chinese food
        Sliced Carne Asada with spicy black beans and salsa
        Grilled salmon (flaked) with grilled corn and red onions

      2. I used to make these spinach,ricotta,mozzarella cheese,parmesan etc. whatever I thought sounded good at the time, roll up things. Spread all on a lasagne noodle, rolled it up and placed in a casserole dish, poured alfredo sauce on it and heated in the oven. One way to use up the noodles.

        1. You can cut them into squares and serve with sauce and tiny tiny meatballs so the effect is like undone ravioli.

          You can also cut them in shapes and fry them until they're crispy. Yum. Not an everyday recipe, but so good.

          And for an awesome presentation, you can lattice them on top of a casserole.

          1. I always boil the whole package (and yes, I add oil to the water, because otherwise they *always* stick together no matter how diligently I keep them apart)... the ones I don't use I cut into maltagliati (irregular chunks), fry in olive oil with garlic, dust with parmesan while still hot, and then serve with dips... either ricotta cheese swirled with marinara sauce, or pesto, or tapenade.

            My wife calls them "lasagne snacks" and they're an integral part of any lasagne dinner.