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Creative uses for leftover Ganache?

Hey everyone...

We have about a pint of leftover ganache in our fridge.

Are there any ideas on how we can use this as an ingredient for things other then candy or ice cream topping?

Would it be possible to turn this into some sort of chocolate souffle???


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  1. You could ice cupcakes or a cake -- just warm the ganache slightly and beat some powdered sugar into it.

    1. How about making a layered cake. Maybe cake, ganache, fruit. YUM

      1. I forget which blog it was, where this idea comes from (maybe Chocolate & Zucchini?) - but you can either make or buy some cookies and make cookie sandwiches with ganache as filling.

        1. I'm pretty sure if I had a spoon and a pint of ganache, I wouldn't have any problem figuring out what to do with it.

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            ditto. wonder how long it's been sitting in the OP's fridge?

          2. How about some truffles? Roll the chilled ganache into balls and then in cocoa or chopped nuts or whatever appeals to you. You might even warm it slightly and whip in some rum or Chambord etc. then chill and roll into truffles.

            1. Rewarm in a double boiler until just soften, fold in some soft peak whipped cream and you have a version of chocolate mousse. This mousse also makes a great cake filling or just spread on top of a light chocolate cake (chocolate souffle cake is good or cocoa sponge. Chill it a bit if it too soft.

              1. Warm the ganache and thin with some half and half if necessary, then use as chocolate fondue. Serve with cut fruits, berries, chuncks of toasted brioche.

                Warm the ganache to it's liquid form, then whip it with a mixer to aerate it. Pour into prebaked tart shells and smooth if necessary and voila--chocolate tart with a light texture. For variations, put peanut butter, berries, jam, lemon curd, etc, in the bottom of the tart shell (just a little bit) before putting the ganache into the shell.

                Or warm the ganache to smooth liquid form and make pour it into small baked tart shells for rich, bite sized tarts.

                Make 20 crepes. When crepes are cool, make a stack of crepes spread with a thin, even layer of ganache. Make the top layer a crepe, chill, then slice and serve as a cake. (Add a little orange blossom water or orange zest to the crepe batter for a subtile orange flavor).

                If you have crepes and ganache left over, mix the ganache with equal parts of moscarpone cheese and serve as a filling for the crepes.

                1. put it in the freezer and hold 'til the next time you need ganache. I think it freezes quite well.

                  I just yanked some out of the freezer than had been there since possibly Christmas. Used it as the bottom layer of an ice cream cake.

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                    That's true, ganache freezes well. I made a buche de noel using ganache as filling and frosting last Christmas. We had too much to eat so I froze most of it. I thawed it out about 3-4 months later (we forgot about it) and I was surprised at how good it was.

                  2. Small tarts made in a muffin tin. Fill when tart shells are cool, pipe on different jams or jellies--rasp, orange,mint,etc for variety.
                    ....then have a tea party!

                    1. Warm it a just little, mix nuts and mini-marshmallows into it, and pour into a shallow pan. When cooled, cut into squares for the best rocky road!

                      1. Bring it to room temperature, whip it, combine it with whipped chestnut puree, and eat it with pound cake.

                        1. Use it as a filling for macaroon sandwich-cookies.