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Jul 30, 2006 03:50 PM

Need recommendations for the Genoa Coast

We will be travelling to the Geonoa Coast in late October. Looking for great places (non-tourist) to enjoy the region. Would really appreciate any recommendation of places to go (and to avoid).

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  1. it is kind of hard ro go wrong in Liguria but one of the best meals of my life was at the Marco Polo in Genoa.

    1. These are notes from our trip last October. Avoid eating in Portofino unless your wallet is thick - shocking value, particularly when you have Santa Magherita and Rapallo so close.
      Trattoria Baicin, Via Algeria, 5 0185 286 763
      Inexpensive, almost a water view near the square in the harbour. All had pasta for lunch along with a salad. Excellent pasta, particularly their pesto.Pasta 5-6 E.
      A Chowhound rec - Trattoria Genovese, Via Roma, 19, 0185 61 111. A great recommendation and worth every penny. 6 E pasta, 10 E mains and all super. Cannot recommend more highly. Incredibly friendly staff (particularly Alga) as we had no booking and just landed on a busy evening but they quickly found a table for two.
      Sapore di Mare, Lungomare Vittorio Veneto 19, 0185 52 603. Another excellent find, in fact we ate here twice. Owners very friendly and generous. Pastas 5-7 E, mains 10-11 E. Highly recommended.
      Ristorante Nettuno, Lungomare Vittorio Veneto 28, 0185 50 270. Good value. Pasta 6-7 E, mains around 10-11 E (excluding seafood of course!).
      Do yourself a big favour and spend a few days in either of these towns. Both have lovely settings and offer good value eating.

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        Thanks! In fact I think our condo is in Rapallo!