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Jul 30, 2006 03:47 PM

Luger or Sparks for party of 3?

I've spent a decent amount kicking this around and figured I would consult the experts. I will be visiting NY in late August and would like to go to Luger's for dinner, but I will be dining with a party of 3 total and from what I understand, it is 'better' to either get the steak for 2 or steak for 4. Also, the steak for 4 might be pushing it for our party, since 2 of 3 individuals are not big eaters (the other two, haha). Soooo, with that being said, is the inconvenience of having a party of 3 enough reason to skip Luger and head to Sparks for the sake of simplicity?

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  1. Absolutely not.

    Even if you believe reports that a Luger's 3 is not as good as a 2, you can still order one steak for 2 (a porterhouse) and one steak for 1 (a strip steak, the same cut you'd get at Spark's--but Luger's meat, not Spark's meat).

    Don't sweat it. Go to Luger's.

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      Thank you for your advice -- I feel much better already.

    2. Luger's...but if your other 2 aren't big eaters, you would probably be okay with the steak for two if you eat some of the apps and sides.

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        That was another option I was considering, but I wasn't sure if that sort of thing would be frowned upon.

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          A cupla beers, two strips of bacon, tomatoes and onions, steak for 2 plus steak for 1, German fries, creamed spinach, strudel or a sundae if you still have room. Come on, how many times are you going to be there? If there's any steak left, bag it for a munchie in your hotel. Do, however, watch how many of those onion rolls you eat while waiting for your food to arrive.

          For reference, steak for 2 is only about 36 ounces, a substantial amount of which is bone and fat. Be brave. Order enough. When I'm at Luger's with a hungry friend, we also split an order of lamb chops as an additional appetizer.

          BTW, the jury's still out about whether steak for 3 is "worse" than steak for 2. It's just one extra-large Porterhouse or two smallish ones on a single plate, cut from the same carcasses as the 2s. A 4 is just two 2s.

      2. I'm not sure if the three of you are huge eaters but I think the steak for two may be fine. Don't forget you'll probably have the bacon and/or tomato and onion. Plus the onion rolls, spinach, fries or German potatoes.

        And don't forget the schlag!

        1. Thanks everyone for your very helpful responses -- I am getting hungry just reading this. I made the reservation last evening, so we are all set! Our reservation is even for 8:45 -- I was expecting much worse.

          1. luger's has steak for 3 also!