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Jul 30, 2006 03:24 PM

Fresh Fruit Storage

So, it's summer and the fruit at the greenmarket is gorgeous and ripe. We bring peaches home, perfect and most are ready to eat, or on the verge. Natural inclination is to put them in a large bowl and have them on the countertop, at room temperature, right?

Problem is, it's summer and fruit flies abound. Even though our home is nicely air conditioned, we've been seeing those pesky flies. I'm getting kind of grossed out by it, knowing that they are, of course, landing on said ripe fruit and most likely feasting themselves on it, let alone doing other things I prefer to not think about.

I would prefer to put the fruit into the fridge but my husband is having none of it. He says the fridge is going to ruin the flavor of the peaches (or whatever other fruit it happens to be). I disagree with this. I say it if anything, it will help preserve the fruit for a day or two. If he doesn't like eating cold fruit, he can always take it out of the fridge bring it to room temp before eating. I find the fruit is going bad too fast being left on the counter - there is only two of us at home and we can only eat just so much fruit, you know?

So, in order to appease his desire for warm ripe fruit and my desire for bug-free fruit, is there any way to cover them up? I don't think keeping them in a bag is the solution, after all, they are ripe already. Any ideas?

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  1. I just realized, should this have gone onto the General Topics board?

    1. Put them in a glass jar.

      I've been playing around with keeping fruit fresh in glass jars since I found out that it works well with berries (but berries in glass jars go in the fridge).

      Anyway, I put some plums in a glass jar and left those on the counter to see what would happen. Absolutely nothing. They lasted the same amount of time as plums in a bowl.

      I was thinking to myself at the time, the only advantage is that putting the fruit in a glass jar keeps the fruit flies away ... and it does look pretty and very Martha Stewart. When the fruit is as ripe as it can be, then put the whole jar in the fridge.

      I agree with your husband. Refrigerating kills the taste of stone fruit like it does to tomatoes. However, when you are at the point of having the fruit rot or go in the fridge, then you need to take the flavor hit.

      Try a large glass jar.

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          I'm experimenting with the glass storage thing too. Much to my amazement, there's about half a pint of beautiful berries in a jar in my fridge that I bought ten days ago! Had some for breakfast this morning -- they're perfect. How did I not know about this?

        2. I have found that washing my fruit as soon as I bring it home can prevent fruit flies from festering on it. I have the same problem, and recently my husband also pointed out that the deli where we were buying most of our fruit was in fact infested with fruit flies, so also maybe try buying your fruit from somewhere else if you're not buying it at a greenmarket or something...

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            That could be the problem. I think it started in fact when I brought home some bananas from one of my local supermarkets. I've been trying very hard not to leave any food out at all in the past few weeks. It's making me nutty. That didn't even occur to me. Thanks for mentioning it. And I will try the glass jar trick too.

          2. I have a dome-shaped screen thing to place over fruit/other food. Works great. I bought mine at Target.

            1. It is a terrible sin to refrigerate a peach (or a tomato). I can live w/ the flys,it's my husband who freaks out. If the fruit flys get too bad, I either hide the peaches in the basement where he can't see them, or take them to my office and just bring home enough every evening for us to eat.

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              1. re: danna

                A most excellent solution! Much better than refrigerating the hubby where he can't see the depradations of the fruit flies on the kitchen counter.