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Jul 30, 2006 02:46 PM

outerbanks (hatteras) fish recs

going to the outerbanks for the first time in two weeks and looking for noteable seafood places - stands, shacks, sit down, etc. also, what is the indiginous specialty in obx?

also, any good markets/stands/docks to get great fresh fish to make at the beachhouse?


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  1. The Hatterasman (if it's still around) has good seafood and hushpuppies. It's a step up from a shack but very good.

    1. We've been going to the Outer Banks for about 20 years. It might help to know where on the Outer Banks you are going, as the distance between the Northern part and Southern part is huge.

      I know a little about the Southern part (Avon), but nothing about the northern part.

      Depending on where you are driving from you might hit a couple decent farm stands. If driving from Norfolk area we stop at Morris Farms - good tomatoes, good spicy peanuts, etc.

      1. The Hattarsman was there as of June 2006! Yes it is a step up from a shack, but we had the best fish tacos there.

        We also got clams and crabs from RIsky Business Seafood shop/dock at the end of hattaras (towards okrakoke). It was very fresh and they had lots of off the boat tuna, bluefish and mako...

        We mostly ate lunch out and cooked dinner. For lunch we enjoyed the Dolphin Den, Sandbar Grille and definitely Hattarsman.

        Not many choices....

        1. It's a good time to go as most things should be open. Whatever you do, SKIP a place called Henry's right before you get to Kitty Hawk/ Kill Devil Hills. Terrible forzen dinner style meals.

          Ask yo get to Nags Head, there was a place I recall called Owens at mile post 16. Ask for Clara Mae.

          Other than that, you're likely to find conch fritters and once you pass Nags Head and end up on the islands, there's no liquor; only beer!


          1. Actually, you can buy liquor at the ABC store in Avon, and probably other ABC stores on the O.Banks. They have limited hours and are expensive....