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Jul 30, 2006 01:51 PM

Need a kid friendly restaurant near SFO

My husband and I are flying into SFO in Oct for a week in Napa. My neice and her family are planning on coming up from Monterrey for lunch before we head to Napa. Any ideas on restaurants near the airport that would not frown on brining in a 3 year old?

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  1. Hong Kong Flower Lounge, Peter's Cafe

    1. Burlingame Avenue has such great shops for kids. There must be some fun restaurants. Anyone know?

      1. Downtown Burlingame has a lot of options - Crepevine, Hola & Copenhagen Bakery's full-service restaurant come to mind. The Il Fornaio there is especially kid-friendly, too. Here's a link to most businesses there:

        Take 101 south from the airport - exit at Broadway west (2 exits from SFO), and turn Left on California drive, just as you pass the train tracks. The main downtown shopping district starts about 1/2 mile down California Drive at the train station, and runs west until you hit El Camino.

        1. I cannot comment on brining in a three year old . . . (couldn't help it).

          Off the Millbrae Ave exit (1/2 mile from SFO) is in-and-out burger, Flower Lounge (see above). as well as the Millbrae Pancake House about a mile north on El Camino. All are kid friendly, as is Peter's.

          On Broadway in Burlingame (1 1/2 mile from SFO) is Juban, Mivan, and Village Host Pizz. Juban is Japanese grill at your own table, food is excellent, kids are no problem. Mivan is middle eastern, decent, not necessarily kid friendly but not unfriendly. Village Host is pizza and basic food (burger, chicken sandwich, chili).

          On Burlingame Ave is Hola, Copenahgen, Crepevine, as well as Mediterranen Kebabs. Just off Burlingame Ave is Narin (good thai), Roti (good Indian), and Coconut Bay (more good thai).

          If you can make it as far as third avenue in San Mateo, there is a huge choice including Jeffrey's, for great burgers, fries, and shakes.

          Hope this helps.

          1. There are many great kid-friendly ethnic restaurants in South San Francisco on Grand Ave.