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Jul 30, 2006 01:12 PM

Shore in Delray Beach

Ate there last night for the second time--Excellent. It's right on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Ocean with a wonderful covered patio with lovely breezes off the ocean even in the hottest weather. Apparently it's been Shore for about a little over a year but I'd expect that there's always been a restaurant of some kind in that spot. Anyway on to the food. It's terrific, or at least certain things on the menu are. My favorite is their appetizer of Kobe sliders--two little burgers in buns with caramelized onions, arugula and dijon mayo. But the best is the cone of matchstick french fries set between the burgers--best fries I've ever eaten. They are fried in truffle oil and dusted with parsley and parmesan. Heavenly!! and very generous. $12.95
My entree of mahi-mahi was not as good but my husband's of steak salad was. Instead of chopped up steak, they serve a slice of skirt steak which they wrap around to form a bowl into which they place the salad--chopped arugula, egg, blue cheese and dressing. An interesting presentation. Actually some of the presentations remind me of Barton G in South Beach, like a cone of cotton candy surrounded by 4 lollipops with multi-colored sprinkles. That was a real hit with the family table behind us.

The entry for Shore in Zagat says the prices are E= expensive but I disagree. There were some entrees in the $30 range but my mahi mahi was $18.95 and my husband's steak salad was $17.95, pretty moderate in my book.

If you live anywhere near Delray (we live in Pompano about 20 miles away) it's certainly worth the drive to this place. And it's a great place to take out of town guests. You can see glimpses of the ocean from the patio. We made a reservation for patio seating. Don't know if that's something they do only in off-season or if it's standard policy. They certainly take walks ins. They have valet parking which is essential in any place near water or on Atlantic in Delray.

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  1. I have not been to this restaurant, but I read that the jazz/Latin guitarist who played at Caffe Luna Rosa next door is moving over to the Shore Restaurant. That should make the ambiance even nicer. Next visit to Delray, I'm trying out the Shore.

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      If you want a break from "foodie" places and just want to enjoy a great view/scene, check out Two Georges, about 5 miles N in Boynton. It's a great place for out-of-towners coming down from the winter. Sit outside and watch the fishing and scuba boats come in as you have a beer/cocktail and standard fried food. Try for a table right on the waterway. This is the closest thing to going down to The Keys.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. So what's the continued word on this place? Are they open for lunch? This is one of the places I was planning on going to when I'm in Delray in a couple of weeks, but have noticed their website is no longer in operation.

        1. ok the history of this corner - Shore was built as Shore about 2-3 years ago, prior to that there was nothing on that corner or if there was it was knocked down and rebuilt. So it was a purpose built restaurant for Shore. They were great when they opened, went through a change of menu and was unimpressive and then changed again to a great menu. They used to not allow smoking on their outside area but they now do when they realised they were losing customers.
          They are open for lunch and dinner. I have been there Thursday nights and they had a singer outside. He was terrific and a bunch of us took over the floor and sang with him and danced the night away on the street. Recommend it for atmosphere and food as I have found Luna Rosa has got boring and samey and Bostons could do with a facelift.

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            I agree with almost everything you say. It was another restaurant before the Shore. Something like "Peters" or "Peter's Cafe"

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              must have been a while back larfied, as I remember there being nothing on that corner and then Shore was built.

          2. Haven't been too impressed with Shore.... Do like their fries though!