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Good Barbecue below 14th?

I read something about a great-sounding new uptown place for barbecue today, and it had me realizing that I haven't had barbecue in quite some time. While I'd love to head up there, I figure I'm more likely to actually go somewhere nearer to where I live.

A lot of my family is from the South, and I have not generally been impressed by what passes for barbecue up here. Not interested in a "variety of styles" or the upscaled stuff they do at Blue Smoke (though I won't lie, those cheese fries are awesome). I'd just like to go somewhere that does one style right (I'm not extremely partisan to any, though if I had to pick I'd say Memphis).

Any suggestions? I see a lot of back and forth about RUB, a lot of it seemingly negative.

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  1. RUB has had some quality control problems. When it's on, it's the real thing and the best in the city. If you haven't been, give it a try.

    1. um, below 14th street, i can only recommend bone lick park...rub is on 23rd.

      anyone been to that tiny bbq place on bedford street right off houston and 6th ave? any good?

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        bone lick has gotten some terrible reviews on this board, but i have to admit the one time i ordered it, delivery, i really liked the ribs. they were smoked perfectly and fell right off the bone. the only qualm i had was it needed more sauce, which came on the side, so i was set.

      2. rub is awful.....I'm afraid you're out of luck

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          Not even CLOSE to awful, in my opinion and the opinion of many others. I respect your post, but you are an outlier.

        2. While it may be true that RUB, like many other bbq joints has better days than others, I don't think I've ever eaten anything there that comes close to being awful. I've eaten alot of barbeque all over this country, and I think it stacks up pretty well. Depending on the regional style you prefer I could see it not floating your boat, but RUB is awful compared to what?

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              rub is awful compared to Angelos, salt lick, krytes, coopers tioga...blue smoke and dinosaur are also disappointments...Tenderness, flavor, subtlety...It should be as ethereal as Katz'pastrami otherwise it's just food

            2. I've had food from Salt Lick, Angelo's, Kreuz Market, Cooper's and Salt Lick and simply don't agree with you-- but that's what makes the world spin. There currently isn't a Hill Country-type joint in New York City since the original Pearson's (which was closest) closed shop, but I've had my share of dryer than dry and disappointing food from the places you mentioned and know that they all have good and bad days-- so many reviews, comments and personal experiences prove that.

              On their better days, RUB has some of the best restaurant 'que I've ever had-- moist, tender, subtle and not dependant on sauce to carry it. I guess we just see this one differently.

              I wonder what it takes to go from disappointing to awful on your scale.

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                On my CH profile page for "Underrated by Chowhounds" I answered "anyplace convenient." Some of the posts on this thread are perfect examples.

              2. Jonas - if I was you I'd just go uptown, but would love to hear of any downtown memphis or florida style Q that meets with your approval

                hardcore - which Angelo's do you like for bbq and where is it?


                1. I was just going to ask the same question, were exactly is Angelo's? Is it a new southern BBQ establishment?