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Jul 30, 2006 12:53 PM

East Troy/Lake Geneva WI

My family and I are renting a cottage in East Troy Wiconsin next week. We will mostly be making our own culinary delights there but plan on eating as least one or two meals out. Any moderately priced recommendations?

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  1. I recommend the Promise Land in Salem, WI, for a fantastic family-style breakfast. The menu is huge and has a strangely large selection of Mexican breakfast items such as enchiladas and tostadas.

    My friends and I dine there every summer when we head to Alpine Valley in East Troy to see our beloved Dave Matthews Band. There's no missing the Promise Land!

    Promise Land Family Restaurant
    24207 75th St
    Salem, WI 53168-9701

    1. Report:
      We ended up going to a very good restaurant similar in cuisine to the Promise Land, but more Latin themed restaurant named
      Antigua Real Latin Restaurant - They feature a list of weekly specials which include every meal including breakfast, appetizers, lunch and dinner. Their menu goes above and beyond the traditional Mexican and Cuban humdrum. I ordered the Poblano (as described by the menu... ) "A king-size chicken enchilada covered with special mole poblano sauce made of pumpkin seeds, nuts, cinnamon, five kinds of chiles and unsweetened chocolate; plus melted cheese and sesame seeds. Served with black beans, plantains and rusa salad." It was very chocolaty but drowned in too much cheese for my personal taste. My wife got the Suizas with chicken - "King-size chicken enchilada covered with jalapeƱo cream sauce and melted cheese. Then, generously covered with grilled shrimp and pico de gallo. Served with adobo rice, roasted vegetables and rusa salad." She thoroughly enjoyed the main dish but found the rusa salad a bit out of touch with the menu selection. However, the shrimp were amazing in her opinion.

      Our final bill came to 45 dollars with a Spotted Cow beer and an "on tap" Margarita. I would thoroughly recommend a stop if anyone is close to the area.