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Jul 30, 2006 11:41 AM

La Chine chinese restaurant (Richmond Hill)

La Chine is a brand new Chinese restaurant that took over the former digs of Vic Hong in Richmond Hill. They are located at 165 East Beaver Creek Road. Head west from the 404 along Highway 7. Just before Leslie is East Beaver Creek. Turn onto East Beaver Creek and make a left just after the lights. The storefront is to the left.

The decor is upscale modern. Lots of white and wood materials. Their plates are non-traditional. Instead of the small round white dishes you are accustomed to, they have elevated rectangular plates. Think sushi. The waiter's uniforms are all black.

They serve both dim sum (menu, no carts) and lunch/dinner options. I went in the evening so didn't get to look at the dim sum menu. Next time. The lunch/dinner menu is whimsical and non-traditional. For example, they have a chicken section that is
entitled "Cluck cluck" or something to that effect. They also carry such items as eel, quail, and squab. The menu seems to reflect an attempt at pan-asian cuisine (ex. sashimi). Unfortunately, I only took-out some fried rice (duck meat, egg...) but it was well done and I will be back to try their other dishes.

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  1. I was there this friday for dinner. I do agree with the decor being upscale modern. But that's it.
    We were asked how we felt about the food, my whole family all agreed at once that it was all a bit to salty. Instead of accepting our critique we were told that it was fusion food and that the cooks were accustomed to cooking western food. The waiter kept rambling on what fusion food was and that it was perhaps not to our taste, and that kids born in canada prefer it more. What!!??
    The portions were small, and being in the food industry and knowing the prices, this chinese restaurant is ripping you off. Fried rice for 13.99, you could get it elsewhere for better taste and a larger portions. There's no point in going into what other stuff I had for dinner cause its just regular chinese food trying to BE fusion but with a higher price tag. Then IMO, Rain does a better job at doing it.

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      I'm not sure how you can compare La Chine to Rain as they are totally different price range. Rain is at least $100 per person while at La Chine, you can have a great meal at $30 per person. La Chine is a very good attempt at making Fusion food still suitable for the Chinese. Portions are regular Chinese family size and not the typical "fusion" bite size seen at establishments similar to Rain and Lee.

      Their fried rice I have had and it is different than regular fried frice as they tried to add various seeds and raisins to change the texture and flavour.

      Dishes we would recommend:
      - Peking Duck 2 way with Foie Gras
      - Fried Lobster with Egg Yolk
      - Fried Lobster with mushroom and truffle oil
      - Sweet and Sour Pork (comes with blueberries, lychee fruit and plum rather than more traditional pineapple only)
      - Baked Scallop on the shell with Portugese sauce

      I have had their shark fin soup once and it was very good. Their Dim Sum is also very good as seen now by the regular line ups on weekends.

      They very often give free desserts at dinner time. Some type of "sugar water" (Chinese dessert) or creme brulee. They even had chocolate mousse and such.

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        I've gone a few times this year. it's a good place to go if you are tired of traditional Cantonese Chinese. I liked the change.

        Portions were ok, normal size. We ordered the dinner for 8 and there was enough food for everyone. the lobster with mustard sauce was particularly good. We liked having personal size creme brulee for dessert as well.

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