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Jul 30, 2006 09:06 AM

Looking for mini-pita bread

Am trying to find (in SF or close to it) mini-pita bread, approx 3" diameter, for appetizer size portion. Can be consumed in 2 bites. Party is 8/4 - please help if possible... thanks!!

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  1. They have good mini pita at Haig's, 642 Clement St. I always buy it when I get their muhamarra, hummus, etc.

    I don't think they're open on Sunday, so I wouldn't dash over there today.

    1. I thought they were a common food item - I've bought them at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Rainbow Grocery, Golden Produce.

      1. I second the Trader Joe's recommendation - that's where i have purchased them in the past

        1. Many, many thanks to all who replied - I shop TJ's frequently, so am embarassed I didn't know that one. And I wondered about Haigs... it's worth the agony of parking to visit them occasionally. I believe you're right about Sunday closings, too!

          1. I've seen the mini-pitas at Whole Foods (in Cupertino)