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inexpensive white wine (fruity & sweet) - - - Please help!

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A friend of mine gave me Brown Brother's - MOSCATO, Australian white wine and I really love that taste. I am looking for similar taste (very sweet and fruity!) under $10 and wondering if anyone could give me suggestions (names of wine, where to buy, etc.). Wine lovers, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase! Thanks!

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  1. Try Feiler-Artinger Muscat-Ottonel. Very sweet, very fruity- I really love this one. Lots of online shops have it, so just google it. And I know they pour it by-the-glass at Little Door, because that's where I first tried it! I'm hooked.

    1. My friend was telling me The Library alehouse has muscato, and Beechwood as well - I've had it at Beechwood - yum. My gfs and I love muscato. The one we had at Akwa in SM was not very good though, too strong, not sweet.

      1. Hi Folks-

        We are going to ask you to take any discussion about wine, in general to the Wine board. That means any posts recommending a specific grape or label belong on the Wine board. Please do continue to recommend venues in the L.A. area where wines that meet the original poster's criteria can be obtained.


        1. I just remembered that I had a moscato at the Bodega Bar in SM. Very nice. Might be worth going to try, and then find out what the label is if you like it.