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Jul 30, 2006 07:53 AM

Help! Revisiting Madison for Pancake and spicy cheese bread

I am revisiting the campus after graduated 6 years ago.

What's the name of the restaurant that serves huge fluffy pancake that i could skip lunch and dinner? It is off the university ave, and right next to a mall called "hillsdale mall?" that is fairly close to the Dept of Transportation? Is it still good?

I would love to get some spicy cheese bread, which I used to get it from the Farmers Market on capitol sqare every Saturadays. There stall was right at the corner that meets State Street. I am sure that they are still around at the Farmers Market. However, I dont think i can make it there. Any one know where their store is?

For dinner, I am planning to goto Quivey's Grove @ 6261 Nesbitt Rd., Fitchburg, WI. Is it still good?


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  1. Quiveys is still good. Stellas is on Syene Rd in Fitchburg... but you can buy the cheesey bread at Hilldale's Farmers Market on Wednesday mornings and also at Woodman's west (not hot & fresh tho).
    Not sure what huge fluffy pancake place-what kind of restaurant was it? But, I'm guessing its not there anymore.

    1. Hey maoliu - I think you're remembering the Original Pancake House. They moved to a new location (but it's still close to Hilldale mall). The new address is 5518 University Ave.

      The spicy cheese bread is from Stella's Bakery: 5900 Tell Oaks Rd., Madison, 53711. They sell it every Saturday at the farmers' market!

      And yes, Quivey's Grove is still good. :)

      Enjoy your stay in Madison!

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        Went to the Original Pancake House. It is just as good as before. Thanks so much!!!

      2. Hope this isn't too late. Is the pancake place you're thinking of Mickey's Dairy Bar? (Not sure exactly where it is, but I did once have a pancake bigger than my face there...)

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          Mickey's is across the street from the UW stadium & field house; it's on Monroe St. at Regent St. Only open for breakfast & lunch. Dunno their pancakes, but I grew up on their milkshakes (but I was a kid and can't vouch for actual quality and chowishness).