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Jul 29, 2006 12:17 AM

Zojirushi rice cookers [split from L.A. board]

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We have a Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy and I have to say, I'm in love. At one point I had a plain dull push the switch Panasonic that I got for participating in a Japanese cooking class but all it did was cook rice. But the Neuro-Fuzzy---it cooks rice--cooks it harder, softer and in-between. It cooks it white, brown and mixed.

But most wonderfully of all, it cooks congee [juk] and it never runs out of water or boils dry or does anything nasty to any of my beautiful copper cookware I've hauled back from France over the years. At night, I stick rice and water [and a little ginger and a bit of fish sauce] in the neuro fuzzy, push a button, bob my head to twinkle twinkle and then I go to sleep. At some point in the dark of the night, another song plays and the congee is done and sits hot waiting for breakfast. In the morning, little pup has congee and boy is she happy.

Worth every dratted penny we paid for it, all 13,200 of them. I wish we had bought it years ago before my dear spouse burned up my other pans over doing congee and the occassional rice.

We got ours at 99 Ranch from the sale stack in the front. I compared the price to other places and it was not a bad deal. I suspect it was particularly good because it was New Year. I would imagine that Mitsuwa has them or one of the stores in one of the malls in Koreatown.

The big question is what the heck is the second song that the Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy plays when the rice is cooked?

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  1. I did a google search and there are several of them. Which model do you have??

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      This is us--the ten cup fuzzy in white with a warmer. For a half white family, we eat a lot of rice. But we did NOT pay $200 for it---it was less than $150.

      This thing will keep your rice/juk warm for hours without getting hard or overdone. But if you don't like the rice to sit, there's a way to set a timer so that the rice will start cooking and be done when you get home. Truly amazing, though too complicated for my tiny brain.

      I have to say, at Lunar New Year, 99 Ranch really has some fantastic deals. In addition to the rice cooker, we got a wonderful wok with handle and flat bottom for about $5.

      1. re: jenn

        That one is ours too! I have no idea what SO paid for it. I'm afraid to ask... LOl! :)


    2. We have a Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy rice cooker at home... this one:

      We're Korean and eat a lot of rice, but since I'm moved out (college) and my big brother got married, there's less people at home to eat rice (we had a 10 cup before, I think.


      Anyway, my mom loves it and I love it... (the rice is always perfectly done and lasts for days on warm) so I'm buying one (the same one) for my first apartment soon. :D Can't live without rice!

        1. I have a 5-cup Neuro Fuzzy and I love it! I can't figure out the second song that plays at the end when the rice is done.

          1. How do you make the congee/jook? I have a Zojirushi at home and I haven't been able to figure it out...