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Jul 30, 2006 05:39 AM

Best coffee in Laguna beach?

What is the best place for coffee in Laguna Beach? The nearest Peet's is a bit too far in Laguna Niguel. Thanks for any info!

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  1. I like the Diedrich right across from Main Beach. It's on PCH, just west of Broadway. Parking can be a hassle, but you know... Laguna :)

    1. Coffee Klatch in Laguna Beach on PCH.

      1. I think they use peet's at cafe zinc in laguna.

        1. hello, try Laguna Beach Coffee right on the PCH, old school small batch artisan roaster--the roaster is in the middle of the cafe and visible when you look in. I've had plenty of Peet's and consider this superior to the present-day Peet's(not roasted where it's brewed), it's closer to what Peet's was when there were only six or so shops and Alfred P. was roasting it all. cheers

          1. While all these are good choices.. There is no better coffee in Laguna, nee, Orange County better than The Orange Inn.