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Jul 30, 2006 05:29 AM

ISO Yummy (not expensive) Pitstop on way back from Barnes to Train Station???

Three of us are taking NJTransit train from Manhattan on Thurs (could we have picked any hotter day for a jaunt??)-noon admittance to Barnes (we'll cab it over). After the art, what might be a early dinner/late lunch spot near the main train station (sorry, I don't yet know what station--I am just tagging along). Ideally, just a few blocks from station. Tasty, relaxing, midpriced eats desired. Not too trendy, too spicy or too noisy. After a long time giving tips on the Manhattan board to out of towners, I now know what it feels like to ask for help as a guest in a city. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Barnes will be your treat of the day.
    Unfortunately, there are no good places to eat near the Barnes. Places that are near the train station (nothing is right there) won't open for dinner until about 5:30.
    Very few places stay open between lunch and dinner.

    One suggestion would be to take a cab from the Barnes to Hymie's delicatessen, at 342 Montgomery Avenue (fairly close). They have a wide menu, popular place, open all day.

    If you think you will still be around by 5:30, then there are several options for places not far from 30th St. Station. One is Nan, at 40th and Chestnut - fusion, lovely food, quiet atmosphere.

    There may be bar/tavern places with food, open all day, that other people will know about. It's really difficult to find a good, middle-of-the-day place. There's been some mention of good food right at the train station, too.

    1. Love the Barnes! You will have a great day..........
      I don't know if the hours would work but check out Bistro St Tropez. It is located kitty corner from 30th Street Station (where you will probably be) and you can wander around the Design Center looking at the beautiful furniture.
      I would get something at the bar and enjoy the great view in cool comfort.

      1. First, directions which will control where you eat. If you take NJ Transit to Trenton, you will then take the R-7 (SEPTA Regional Rail) from Trenton to Philadelphia. Get off at 30th Street Station and take the R-5 (also SEPTA Regional Rail, maybe a different platform) to Merion (closest stop to the Barnes). From there you can cab to the Barnes (call a cab service, there may not be any cabs at the station) or walk if you like walking (maybe 1.5 miles). If you want to eat before you go to the Barnes (I wouldn't start the Barnes on an empty stomach), just bring a sandwich and eat on the train. You could go to Hymie's (yes, that's its name) or Murray's for lunch, both decent delis in Merion, but since you're from NYC, that's coals to Newcastle. The best lunch experience in Philadelphia is in the Reading Terminal Market but you don't have time; maybe next trip.
        You do not want to eat dinner anywhere near the Barnes or 30th Street Station. Get back on the R-5 in Merion and take the R-5 to Suburban Station which is in downtown Philadelphia (called Center City). From there, walk south. There's lots of good eating within a 15 minute walk. DiBruno Bros. on Chestnut near 18th for all Italian prepared dishes, sandwiches, cheeses; cafeteria with tables upstairs. Bronzino (BYO) on 17th Street for a good, not expensive dinner. One notch down but good is La Viola (BYO) on 16th. Also on 16th is Monk's, a bar with Belgian beer, mussels and burgers. Sansom St. Oyster House is an old favorite. Matyson's and Caffe Casta Diva (both BYO) are on 20th. You can get closer to NY style and prices on Walnut St. or around Rittenhouse Square but when in Philly....At the end of the meal, take the R-7 from Suburban Station back to Trenton. Be sure to check train schedules for connecting times. What a wonderful day.

        1. Three comments on certpal's detailed and accurate suggestions:

          * Hymies is much better (IMHO) than Murrays, if one of them is your choice.

          * Matyson's is on 19th, not 20th. It's probably the best of those mentioned, but noisy.

          * I don't think you have to check the connections in Trenton. My impression after a few trips on this route is that Septa from philly and NJTransport to NYC coordinate their schedules. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to check.

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          1. re: Max Buten

            Not all the trains connect.
            Also, you may want to look into the Amtrak train that stops in Ardmore (very close to the Barnes). Thank you.

          2. Consider eating in the bar in 30th st. station (it's along the west side of the station). The food is quite good, and if you go early, it shouldn't be too crowded or too noisy. The clam chili is really good, as is the thai spring roll. I haven't tried anything else, but it gets good reviews.