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Jul 30, 2006 04:44 AM

French Door, Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - New Owners, Please Post

We are about to purchase a French Door Refrigerator with a Bottom-Freezer. It seems that our choices are limited to Amana, Maytag and KitchenAid. Perhaps there are others which we do not know.

If you have purchased such a new refrigerator within the past year or so, would you please post here and let me know what you selected and what you like and do not like about it.

I thank you for any input you can offer.

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  1. I've been on the refrig-shopping circuit and saw a Jenn-Aire bottom-mount french door model that looked great. Don't know much more beyond its good looks since I'm looking for something else. Also you might check out the LG line.

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      Sarah, you are correct. LG does make this refrigerator. Thanks for the reminder. We looked at LG quite awhile back -- I think one of the large home stores (Home Depot or Lowes) carries LG.

      I was told by our salesman today at Pacific Sales that Amana makes this particular refrigerator for themselves, but also for KitchenAid and Maytag. It is quite obvious because the inside looks the same for all three; the exterior finish is a little different on each.

      We were told the advantage of the KitchenAid is that they add 5 years onto the 5-year warranty for the refrigerator that has their name on it. Even if it is a partial warranty, this is a plus.

      1. re: liu

        LG is terrible, we bought one and the door seals stick and peel off, the ice-maker broke and the drawer front of the cold cut drawer snapped off.

        1. re: DeLobstah

          yup the lg 2 piece drawer cap is flimsy, i have 2 broken. no other problems though door open beeper is annoying and does not activate if you close door most of the way but open a couple inches. digital temp control is nice though acuracy has not been checked.

          ice water and ice maker in door takes up a lot of freezer space.

    2. We bought a Maytag in late Spring. One reason we bought it, Sears had a great sale. We had researched all brands and were leaning toward Maytag anyway. We have a limited space to put it and Maytag fit with a few inches to spare under the cabinet. I love it. It is huge, top and freezer. I like the ice up on top so the freezer is bigger. The crank up and down shelf was great when we had a party and stacked appetizers to store. The produce drawers are large and you can see what is in them. In fact most items are easier to see because they are up at sight level now.

      The only negative is sometimes we think the freezer drawer is shut and it isn't in far enough. But there is an alarm to let us know.

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      1. re: Janet

        Janet -- thanks for your vote for the Maytag (which we are told is made by Amana). Yesterday we saw that it does have that nice feature of the crank-adjustable shelf; you can easily change the height without clearing off the shelf! This is a nice feature, as you pointed out.

        Also, much thanks for the warning. We have, on occasion, noticed that our garage refrigerator is cracked open because someone left a produce drawer slightly out. I appreciate this reminder because we have never owned a freezer with such a drawer.

        1. re: liu

          I bought a Maytag about a year and a half (maybe a little more) ago, and I truly regret it. It is not the French door model. It's a side by side cabinet depth. The problem with it is that about six months ago, it started defrosting *everything*! I called for warranty service. They had to replace the fan that pushes cold air into the freezer and refrigerator. I lost about three hundred dollars (or more) worth of frozen food, no idea how much in refrigerated food. Maytag did supply a new fan at no charge, but I had to "eat" (pun intended) the food loss costs.

          The interesting thing is that the original model fan had so many failures that Maytag contracted another company to design a new fan and a housing modification so it would fit into the space of the old one. I would assume that the same fans were used in many models. Caveat emptor, as the saying goes.

          Other problems with my Maytag: I have three "crisper" drawers, one specifically for meats. It freezes things. If I wanted meat that frozen, I'd take it out of the freezer. And there is no way I've been able to determine, either via the manual or trial and error, to adjust the amount of cooling of the drawer as there was with previous non-Maytag units I had that had this same feature.

          The movable shelves in the door do not always stay put.I have had one pop out when I was taking food from it. And I'm not too thrilled with the way the interior space is utilized. I think it could be done better, but then again, I could be wrong on that count. It may be a problem with all counter-depth refrigerators, but I didn't have a lot of choice. Because of kitchen door placement the refrigerator had to be counter-depth or seriously block the kitchen door.

          Overall, I'm not a happy camper where Maytag is concerned!

          I would very strongly urge you to go to a store and do a hands-on inspection of any refrigerator/freezer you are considering buying. If they don't have any stocked models, take some empty milk cartons and containers that you use regularly and try them out. The heck with what other people think. You're gonna have to live with it!

          Things that I learned to take into consideration the hard way are refrigerator doors and how they open in relationship to the configuration of your kitchen. My present kitchen has an island that allows me to place things on that counter when I'm getting several items from the refrigerator at the same time. My last kitchen only had a coutertop on one side of the refrigerator, so for that kitchen I had a "one door" refrigerator (plus freezer) that allowed me to have the door open next to the counter.

          I will add that my daughter has a French door refrigerator and loves it. Her kitchen also has a breakfast bar within easy reach of the open refrigerator, so she doesn't have to do the open/close routine to get several things out at one time. Sorry I don't remember what brand hers is.

          Good luck with whatever you decide. And take it from one who knows: If you make a mistake, you have to live with it a looooooong time.

      2. I believe Kenmore also makes one

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          Have a friend that has had nothing but trouble with her Maytag. It has been replaced once and repaired several times and still will not keep a decent temperature.

        2. We have the Maytag as well. Love the bottom freezer. The amount of space top and bottom is gaudy -- you can put something like 5 gallons of milk in the door! We have a single top door and have to give it a little extra nudge to make sure it's shut.

          One word of caution: Do not buy online from We did b/c we were out of town, and the first one was a lemon. The local Home Depot delivered, but refused to do anything afterwards. Completely washed their hands of the mess. Maytag came out twice, determined it was a dud, and replaced it. Haven't had a problem since.

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          1. re: LPM

            LPM - You have room to spare in your fridge? Are you sure you are a ChowHound?

            Seriously, I am glad to hear this, and space is my biggest concern. Thanks for your input.

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              That is so funny. I now know that I am a chowhound...officially.

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                Hello, webecoxs!
                Yes, I believe that was item #2 on the 'Hound Oath that you took when you originally logged in: "I promise never to see any space on my fridge shelf." And I think #1 was that you will always travel great distances to experience THE BEST of a category: the best coffee, the best chocolate truffle, the best berry cobbler, the best goat cheese, etc. etc!

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                  If only I had room for something besides condiments in my fridge!

          2. I chose the JennAir model, which has a flatter profile than the curved front LG, so it looks better with my other appliances.

            So far, so good. Freezer works splendidly, and the fridge is quiet. We haven't hooked up the water line to the ice cube maker yet, but I think there's a turbo-charge party-time icemaker function.

            Good luck!