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Sit-down Texas-style barbecue

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Barbecue seems one of the most-discussed food genres on the boards so I apologize to the veteran hounds for once again opening this pandora's, um, chimney. But I've got specific 'Q needs in mind and have gotten lost among the reams of suggestion already out there. So here goes: I'm looking for the best spot with seating (not just takeout) for Texas-style barbecue ribs. Swinging Door looked like it might be what I was after but, alas, they're closed Sundays.

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  1. Try El Paso BBQ in Tarzana. Good bbq and prime steaks as well. Not sure if they are open Sunday, call to confirm.


    1. Not sure if it's in your neighborhood, but Joey's BBQ is fabulous, having now tried two of their locations, in Pomona and Chino, and they are both sit-down restaurants. Their website claims that their BBQ is Texas-style. Their beef ribs are the best I've had in LA and OC so far.


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        Joey's parents are from Texas and started Joey's, and have apparently now turned the reins over to Joey. Their beef ribs are very good (much better than their pork ribs, in my opinion). They also do brisket, however, their brisket is finished over a charcol grill, so not exactly "traditional", but some of their brisket between a couple of slices of their "garlic bread" and you've got yourself a mighty fine sandwich.

        Sides are better than many other places, you can get salad, potato salad, beans, and baked sweet potatoes, among other sides, and they are not too bad.

      2. I've been going to Dr. Hogly Wogly for 20 years and I think it's great.

        1. Porky's in inglewood. Manchester just west of the forum.

          Good Q and good sides.

          Fairly new but have worked out the kinks. (A.k.a mac & cheese)

          The peach cobbler is fantastic

          1. Thanks for the tips.
            We actually wound up going to J.R.'s in Culver City, and found it closed. So we picked up an LA Weekly and saw there was a bbq joint in Venice beach that they recommended: Baby Blues Bar-B-Q
            It satisfied the bbq urge, but the ribs were a little on the dry side and the brisket lacked dimension.
            I will surely try some of the suggestions here in the future.

            1. Baby blues. Hmm...much better bbq to be had, for sure. Phillip's perhaps? That being said, I just got back from an extended stint in Texas. Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. And, sorry to disappoint folks, but as far as I can tell and speaking relatively, of course, there is no good Texas bbq in L.A. I'm talking dry rubbed, oak smoked pork chops, ribs, rib tips and brisket with nothing more than hot sauce, white bread and a beer. Follow that up with some Blue Bell ice cream and you've died and gone to heaven. If there is a place here, please, tell me, cause I can't go back to Dallas and I feel alone out here in the bbq badlands.

              1. Had lunch today at Dr. Hogly Wogly's, and I have to say I'm underwhelmed.

                There were 3 of us, and if you pool our experience, it was a postive one, but taking any one of our meals alone it would have been a less than postive review.

                First - the prices were high. I didn't want to spend $15 or $18 dollars on a BBQ dinner, so I opted for a sliced beef sandwich, at $8 with one side. Companion 1 ordered a dinner with ribs and 2 sides; Companion 2 ordered a 2-way combo with brisket, hot links and 2 sides.

                I thought my sandwich would be brisket, but instead I think they must use bottom round or something. Thick slides of tough, dry chewy beef do not a good sandwich make; I used a knife and fork, and it was OK dunked in the mild sauce, which was served warm, but still nothing to write home about.

                Companion 1's ribs were OK but greasy, and he didn't expect beef ribs, he expected pork, so it was a disappointment.

                Companion 2 enjoyed the sausage, altho he said it wasn't really a "hot" hotlink. But what stood out, and here's where we get to the best part of the meal , was the beef brisket. Now THAT was good. Falling apart, but with substance, and great flavor; the outside crusty and caramelized. He shared it around to all of us. Why was I chewing away on stringy bottom round when I could've had the brisket? Why can't they serve a brisket sandwich, which would've been great?

                As to the sides - the potato salad was pretty good; as was the cole slaw. The macaroni salad was bland, as macaroni salads are. The beans had a good flavor, but I like my beans to have distinct beans in them, rather than be cooked down to mush. And the bread was pretty good, I have to say. So -- I'd go back for the brisket any time, but I think the deal would be to do a take-out, with a couple of sides.

                We went to Van Nuys with the thought of going either here or Mom's, and decided to go to Hogly's first as it is more "famous." So - how does Mom's measure up to Hogly's?

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                  If your friend wanted pork ribs, why didn't he ask for pork ribs? I believe both are on the menu at Dr. Hogly.