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Jul 30, 2006 03:46 AM

Fresh Garden Tomatoes...Slightly Warm?

I have quite a lot of "beautiful" fresh garden tomatoes.
(more PHOTOS linked below.


There are many ways to use garden-fresh tomatoes in salads, etc.

A favorite recipe of mine utilizes fresh garden tomatoes in a pasta, which just *warms* them via the hot pasta, but does not actually cook them.

Does anyone have other ideas of how to use fresh garden tomatoes just "slightly warm", but not cooked?

*Funwithfood's Unique Tomato Varietals (PHOTOS)*

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  1. When I have wonderful garden-fresh tomatoes I prefer not to warm them any more than the sun does.

    My favorite: go out to the garden at noon with a salt shaker, Pick a tomato, take a small bite, sprinkle it with salt and take another bite. Continue until it's gone.

    A fresh tomato sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise is also a wonderful thing. Gazpacho is good, too.

    Never put a tomato in the refrigerator.


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      I am a long-time tomato grower, and love tomatoes fresh from the vine also... The photo on top shows my one day harvest!
      (One begins to look for other ways to use these beauties :)

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        Thank you so much!!! (How did I miss this thread?)