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Jul 30, 2006 03:25 AM

Beautiful Food............Tomatoes (w/PHOTOS)

From seed, to planting, to harvest.

Tomatoes truly are..."Beautiful Food".

(Below are photos of my July 29th harvest.)

Includes Speckled Roman, Dr. Wyche's Yellow (peach), Costoluto Genovese, Evergreen, SunGold Hybrid...

July 29th Harvest...

Includes German Red Strawberry (top left

Left to right...Mr. Stripey, German Red Strawberry, Limmony, Red Zebra, Tomande Hybrid...

July 29th Harvest...

"Long Shot"

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  1. Beautiful fruit & photos!
    After patiently waiting for my single heirloom plant tomatoes (9) to ripen, squirrels attacked and made off with all but a few!!! These varmits must have a very discerning palette-all the "common" varieties were untouched...

    1. Oh my gorgeous! Thanks for posting them.

      My neighbor invited me over yesterday to take as many tomatoes from her garden as I wanted...and lemon cukes. I was in heaven.

      1. very nice images .... thanks for sharing! don't know where you live but here in Northern California it appears that our tomato crop will be a bit late due to early season rains, etc....

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        1. re: gordon wing

          Mine were late here in SoCal too. But alas, they have arrived and were worth the wait!

          I tried "Evergreen" last night--perfect! Green varietals are always my favorite (Green Pineapple/Green Zebra) because of their amazing balance of flavor.

        2. This is the only time of the year that tomatoes taste like tomatoes. We've been having a field day eating vine ripened Texas tomatoes.

          1. Wow FWF-what a stunning selection of tomatoes! That's my kind of food porn. I love the green zebra ones too. I'm trying to grow a few heirlooms this year but luckily have the SM farmers' market to fall back on if mine aren't stellar. You've certainly got the homegrown goods!