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Jul 30, 2006 03:06 AM

restaurant week extended- Molyvos, Ada, Chinagrill, Terrace in the sky, One if by Land Two if by Sea

going for dinner. I know Restaurant Week meals can be disappointing but if you were to go where would you recommend? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know what it does for RW, but of these, I'd choose Molyvos n a second. I think Molyvos tends to be underrated a bit, because it's not sexy, it's large, and is located in a touristy area. But the fish and lamb are usually impeccable, and Molyvos is usually reliable, if not transcendent.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      I went to One If By Land's RW dinner. It was ok. Not spectacular, but the ambiance was very nice. It's an extremely romantic place saved for special occasion by many people. The food isn't necessarily inventive or unique, honestly. So I think the RW menu suffices.

      1. re: baconstrip

        I thought One if by Land was dreadful. It is rarely mentioned without the 'romantic' adjective. I didn't see that or any other redeeming quality, myself.

    2. One if By Land is a beautiful place with mediocre food. My only complaint is that the tables are so close together. It is a place i would go for drinks only.
      I had some great octopus at Molyvos, but everything else was poor.
      I have never had a bad meal at China Grill--that would be my first choice. Make sure you either get the duck or calamari salad to start (you must share it--it's gigantic!).
      Last week I had an incredible meal at City Hall downtown. They are honoring their restaurant week prices until Labor Day. For $35 I had a large wedge of lettuce with great blue cheese dressing, a fabulous skirt steak with mashed potatos and red velvet cake with creamed cheese frosting for dessert. It was a great meal for a nice price!