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Jul 30, 2006 03:05 AM

Richmond - The fresh garbanzo bean truck

I've been driving by this truck every Saturday for at least a year. Huge green herby-looking bushes fill it and hang from the back doors.

Today I finally stopped. It turns out they are fresh garbanzo beans. Very cool. More info in this link on home cooking.

The truck is located on 23rd Street in Richmond mid way between Portumex and El Tapatio, on the El Tapatio side of the street.

From my brief experience with the local street veggie vendors, I'm sure I got rooked just for being a gringo. The usual protocol is to ask how much. They give you a price. You shake your head no and start up the car. The price drops. Depends on how good a hagler you are.

I learned this only because twice I really didn't want the fruit being sold. The price went down and down.

I was too stunned by the concept of fresh garbanzos on the bush so I jumped at the first price - $5. Reading up a little, that might be on the pricy side.

The truck is usually on 23rd on Saturdays in the afternoon.

Today they also had a few watermelons ... and the dog had puppies ... so if you are looking for some cute as a button puppies ... or watermelons ... or garbanzos ... Saturday - Richmond - 23rd St.

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  1. If you are in the Haight area, you can usually find them this time of year at Haight Street Organic Market and at Alpha Market on Cole Street (I haven't looked this year yet -- work schedule has prevented me from doing the shopping).

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      At this time of year, Parkside Farmer's Market (which is not really a farmer's market but is excellent) on Taraval at 16th-ish always has fresh garbanzo beans and/or fresh fava beans.

    2. A note it is fresh garbanzo season and the garbanzo guy is back his van filled with bunches of bushy garbanzos. He's there through September.

      1. Melanie Wong spotted a truck in Salinas. For anyone who might not have seen the bushy branches of fresh garbanzos, here's a great picture

        If you are ever in Salinas, in season

        1. Garbanzo season has started. THe truck was on 23rd today ... same truck, same location ... loaded with bushy garbanzo branches.