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Jul 30, 2006 02:01 AM

Gaithersburg area fish markets

Can anyone recommend an excellent fish market in north Montgomery County, willing to go further if necessary. looking for the freshest salmon....


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  1. Try the River Falls Seafood Co. in Potomac. Freshest(and most expensive) fish I have found in our area. It is at the intersection of River and Falls Rd. Call ahead and they will let you know what they have gotten in fresh that day.

    1. I wouldn't exactly call Potomac northern Montgomery County, but I agree that it's the best fish market around. I also like Upstream on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring.

      I used to go to Cameron's on Rockville Pike occasionally, but it smells so fishy in there most of the time that I've been avoiding it lately. There also used to be an ok shop in Gaithersburg in the same shopping plaza where the Borders is near the Lakeforest Mall on 355, but I haven't been there in 5+ years.

      1. How do people feel about Whole Foods in the Kentlands? That's where I always buy fish, but I don't have anything to compare it to, as I've never gone to the other markets.

        1. I know people rave about River Falls, but after we got alledgedly "divers" scallops that had a medicinal taste we haven't gone back. We've been pretty happy with the fish at Whole Foods and got some really fresh rockfish and red snapper at the wholesale place in Jessup.

          1. Thanks all!

            I usually go to Camron's for lobster (and just got some great clams, lobster and shrimp from them)... Whole Foods is a good option for salmon. I like visiting local stores rather than chains... but I may do WF. it's a lot closer than Potomac.

            Thanks again... robdob