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Jul 30, 2006 01:50 AM

Wine with Low Country Boil

Not sure this is the right board, but any suggestions for what to serve with a low country boil aka Frogmore Stew? (Shrimp, corn, kielbasa, potoatoes with heavy dose of Old Bay seasoning)

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  1. My first choice would be pilsner. Among wines, for something completely different I'd look at a savagnin (St├ęphane Tissot makes a wonderful if pricey one) or savagnin-chardonnay blend from France's Jura. Rich, high-acid whites, they're unfazed by shrimp; their oxidized flavour is often described as corn plus fino Sherry; and while smoked pork is a traditional pairing, even the *jursassiens* admit the wines go well with spicy flavours like curry.

    1. another option would be a dry rose or vinho verde

      1. i agree with the rose approach, if you get a fuller bodied rose. for white wines, try something chenin blanc based-- chenin is an amazingly versatile grape, and correctly handled, can make wines with all the right fruit and acid to accompany your frogmore. a couple to look for--
        baumard savennieres 02: my favorite non-sb producer in the loire. biodynamic, for what that's worth. nice rich fruit, but not overpowering. super dry, great acidity, yum yum. shouldn't be more than 25 bucks or so.
        raats "original" chenin blanc 05: this team of brothers has gained some recent notoriety out of south africa. well made dry cb-- evokes a young vouvray sec. about 20 bucks.
        also, not chenin, but really good-- l'ecole 41's barrel fermented semillon. loads of tropical fruit, nice floral tones, fermented pretty dry. less than 20 bucks.