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Jul 30, 2006 01:33 AM

i hate plastic squeeze bottles for heinz ketchup and Guldens mustard

water always comes shooting out after standing in the fridge.

whatever happened to GLASS bottles??

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  1. mostly business. plastic costs less than glass. it is light weight. costs less to ship. does not shatter if you drop it. less dangerous to employees which traslates to fewer injuries, workers comp claims, lower insurance costs, etc.

    some swear that a coke/pepsi/mountain dew taseted better out of a glass bottle and those are long gone.

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    1. re: xman887

      You can still get Coke in a bottle, they're in limited production. I had a Coke "Light" (Diet, from Mexico) tonight at a place in Berkeley. Haven't seen Pepsi in a bottle in a long time, and that's my preferred brand.

      1. re: xman887

        I'm not sure about soda, but nestea switched to plastic bottles here a few years ago and I definitely noticed a difference then. I'd love to be able to have it again!

      2. been there done that. what i normally do now is shake it up and then do a little squirt into the sink to "prime the pump." nothing worse that that mustard water hitting the hot dog and tomato water hitting the burger.

        Just one of those items that us chowddies need to be nimble on when large corps change the playing field.

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        1. Why on earth would you refrigerate ketchup or mustard?

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          1. re: wayne keyser

            Why on earth not? In my part of the earth, I refrigerate my ketchup and mustard after it's opened--any reason not to??

          2. So unscrew the whole cap and use it the same way you would a glass container. Nobody said you have to use the squeeze-top.

            1. I love the plastic bottles. Just pop the cap open and shut, shake the bottle while it's still upright and the "water" (or vinegar, which it is actually more likely to be) will mix back in. Turn it upside down and you're good to go. BTW, The shaking thing is actually a good idea for the glass bottles too.