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Jul 30, 2006 01:08 AM

Boneyard Bistro-Full House

Well, with much anticipation I strolled into Boneyard Bistro at 5:30 to beat the rush. To my dismay they said they have a full house and reservations are needed.

I was disappointed since I saved an appetite all day to have some new barbecue and this is what happens.

So I ventured for some Mexican food and a good Tacos Al Pastor always fills the spot.


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  1. Stuart -
    Yes, their business comes in early and stays around until around 9 or so, then thins out fairly fast, except on weekends when 10 or 11 is the end of the night.
    It was nearly full at 7p.m. this past Wednesday night, with many of the people there having been there for at least an hour.
    They had a kangaroo special that night, yet were out of my favorite petite syrah from Sextant. Should have gotten it in by now though. It goes extremely well with their food.