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Jul 30, 2006 01:06 AM

Middle Eastern Spots in Studio City/Sherman Oaks

I'm curious about these 2, tonight I was driving down Burbank Blvd. near Woodman and saw a spot I never recognized called "Noah's Ark"?

Has anybody ever dined there?

The second spot is Cedar House Cafe on Riverside & Whitsett in Studio City?

I would love to hear some input.



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  1. Stuart - Noah's Ark is brand new, and the following blurb is from of maybe two or so weeks ago.

    The biblically themed Noah’s Ark serves Mediterranean cuisine amidst intricate woodwork and murals that depict Noah’s trials. Dining options include chicken and beef shawarma, spinach and cheese pastries, ground meat and eggplant kebab, charbroiled lamb chops and baklava for dessert. Noah’s Ark, 13641 Burbank Blvd., Van Nuys, 818-786-1202.

    I have not been to either of them, yet Cedar House has been around for at least 2 years, maybe 3 or so.

    1. I'll give Cedar House Cafe the thumbs up. They have reasonably priced ($4.95-$6.95) sandwiches (shawarma, falafel, kabobs) and really good (thin) fries for lunch. Their entrees come with rice pilaf or fries, soup or salad (and it's a good salad with yogurt dressing), and range from $10.95 to $14.95. Dinner also comes with a roasted tomato, hummous, pita bread and pita chips. It's plenty of food. Haven't had too many of the hot or cold appetizers, but I will say that I think the fried kibbeh is a better deal at Skaf's Grill than here. I usually get the kafta kabob or the fish plate (tilapia filets) and have always been satisfied. They have a garlic sauce similar to Zankou's, and will give you more if you ask for it, which I always do. Sometimes service can be a bit slow. Lots of parking in the lot. Live music on weekends.

      1. Never been to either of those, but just had a wonderful meal at Alzcazar, a little more to the west in Encino. Incredible grilled chicken livers in a pomegranate sauce; wonderful hummus served with bits of roasted lamb and pine-nuts strewn on top; fattoosh salad with crunchy pits of toasted pita in it, and grilled flatbread with cheese and zatar. It's got a lovely outdoor patio setting, and most of the patrons who sit outside smoke hookahs after their meal.

        1. I've been to Cedar House Cafe twice before. The food is pretty good, not outstanding, but definitely better than average. Prices are reasonable and you definitely get a lot of food. Both times I've had the beef & lamb shawarma plate for $12 (comes with hommus, rice, pita, and soup/salad). Pretty tasty. Would recommend.

          You can browse the menu here:

          1. Skaf's Lebanese! It's in a strip mall off the 101, but the food is great.

   (review from daily gluttony)

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              Ohhhhh yeah. The best hummus in the city. The smokiest babaghannouj. They often have baked kibbeh (in a pan, not necessarily the balls) as one of their specials.

              I eat there a LOT.