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Lazy Sundae is gone from Arlington . . .

moving out to Falls Church. This, following the flight of Vietnamese restaurants, is the second sign of the Apocalypse. Third, if you count the arrival of the Cheesecake Factory.

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  1. Plus, Dremos and Carpool are on their way out, although the situations are different. Carpool is by choice. Dremo's isn't.

    Doesn't Lazy Sunday have a stationary Icecream truck in Clarendon now?

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      Is it a sure thing that Dremos will be gone?

      Their website (http://www.drdremo.com/future.asp) indicates that it may not be.

      Dremos is one of my favorite place to have a beer in Arlington, with the broadest tap selection (2nd only to the Lost Dog in terms of the total number of overall beers on offer and with a nice laid-back atmosphere).

    2. I saw an article that said the new location either was or would be in Falls Church. Is there a known location and re-opening date yet?

      I wasn't a regular because their ice cream was pretty expensive, but I enjoyed it as an occasional treat.

      What I really miss on that block was the hardware store. Did we really need another Irish pub?

      1. Right. I miss the Hardware store. Ayers Hardware in Westover is too far from the metro. I agree about RiRa.

        As far as Icecream...try the Icecream at Arax Cafe (an Armenian cafe) in Westover.

        As far as the new Lazy Sundae location, ask the people at Clare & Don's Beach Shack. It is the same owners.

        1. I was in Clarendon early yesterday evening and the Lazy Sundae truck was there, giving away free ice cream,compliments of Verizon (no comment). First, I thought the ice cream was only so-so and second, the guys in the truck said they've already moved to Falls Church on Broad Street near West Street maybe, although they were fairly vague on details.

          1. Lazy Sundae's new address in Falls Church is 112 North West Street. I don't know if their new location is open yet.

            1. Might be a good stop after a slice of Z-Pizza.

              Arax is on my list, I just have to remember it when I'm out and in the mood for ice cream. I never have room for dessert after a lunch there.

              1. I confess I never quite got the appeal of Lazy Sundae at Clarendon other than character and location (not to be taken lightly, but ...).

                Maybe they were trying to make too many flavors without having enough time to fully re-set the machines. I got honey ice cream with an unwelcome hint of mint chocolate chip there once and never went back. Were they able to get any new equipment for the new location?

                1. The new Lazy Sundae is right next to the 7-11 on N. West Street in Falls Church. It's on N. West Street about 50 yards north of the intersection with W. Broad Street, directly across from First Union Bank.

                  1. The appeal of Lazy Sundae depends largely on whether you have children. If, on the other hand, you worry that you would not be able to go three blocks without an Irish pub (or four), things are looking up.

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                    1. re: Clyde Mnestra

                      a three year old thread im reviving because i just had their ice cream for the first time in a long time and it was shockingly good....pumpkin, black raspberry, coffee with oreos...all of it tasted pretty darn good to me, though to be honest i don't eat a ton of ice cream.

                      also had the breakfast platter which was simple and cooked to order by a short-order cook.... but it was stellar, as was the steak and cheese.

                      this place aint half bad.

                      1. re: CoconutMilk

                        I live within walking distance to the Lazy Sundae but never go. Going out for ice cream is, right or wrong, more than just about the ice cream (although it has to be excellent, yes). I like a cute location and somewhere pleasant to sit. This location of Lazy Sundae is a mess inside and out. It doesn't feel all that clean, and seriously, it's attached to a 7-11. Imagine the parking lot. There are so many empty storefronts in Falls Church City. I cannot wrap my head around why they chose that one!

                    2. Just like everyone else, I liked the original Lazy Sundae. Just like everyone else, I don't like the re-located, messy, Lazy Sundae.

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                        It truly is messy and disgusting. One visit was more than enough for me. Bleccch!