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Jul 30, 2006 12:27 AM

Need recommendations for Kingston, NY

Hello out there,
we will be staying in the Kingston area in two weeks, and
would like some recommendations for restaurants which would
be big-crowd and kid friendly. We are looking for good
food and fast service (in case the kids get impatient)--nothing
fancy. American, Italian, Chinese, Japanese are all ok.

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  1. i'm a fan of armadillos on abeel st. not big (american-mexican), but the service is extremely kid friendly...if merle is there (and not too busy) she'll come over and talk with your children for a bit.

    other than that, there's the usual chain stuff by the malls. hickory bbq on the other side of the thruway (route 28) is as well...

    1. Agree with bob's recommendation for the Armadillo. They have great fajitas and margaritas. They also have the best cheeseburgers in Ulster County. If the weather is not too oppressive, you can sit outside on the patio.

      1. I ate last year at the Bowery Dugout,I enjoyed a steak dinner,staff was friendly,with the owner making rounds to talk to the customers,looking around the other diners most had ordered fish I do plan on going back if I'm in Kingston

        1. We always liked the Hillside Manor, at 240 Boulevard (Rt32) at the edge of Kingston. They were able to handle anywhere from 4 people to a crowd of 40 or more in the restaurant. The food there was great. I liked the Prime Ribs. The restaurant is large, good service and excellent food. There are mostly American and Italian selections on the menu. Prices are good.

          We also like Hickory Smokehouse, out on Rt28, west from the Thruway traffic circle. Had some good ribs, slaw and beans a few months ago.

          Forget Chinese food up there. Never had good Chinese meals up there.

          1. Try Kyoto Sushi. Also, The Kingston Tea Garden, used to be good or The Little Bear in Woodstock, for Chinese. Picnic Pizza is my favorite spot, it's near the traffic circle. Enjoy!