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Safety Harbor (Tampa Bay)--Restaurant review Cello's CharHouse

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Warning to those thinking of going to Cello's CharHouse: Do not waste your money!

We went on a Saturday night about 5:30. There was only one other table that was occupied. Yet, the service was somewhat slow.

First, a note about atmosphere--they were playing the music way too loud. Second, our waitress talked in a very annoying, obviously "fake" voice. She kept trilling the her "r"s and she wasn't speaking Spanish--highly annoying. She was almost speaking like she was in a play.

Second, the flatbread, beer soup and salad were good, but those were the only things. I ordered the Filet Mignon, medium well and my boyfriend ordered salmon. My boyfriend and I both requested the sauce on the side, but it came with the sauce on it. When we tried cutting the steak and fish, it was obvious why they put the sauce on it. My steak was way overcooked--like the cook had forgotten it and it had no flavor. The salmon was the same way--very dry and tough.

The best thing about this place is the value--you do receive a lot of food for your money. However the quality is subpar and not worth the price. We definitely will not return.

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  1. No disrespect, but I knew you were headin' for trouble when you asked for the Filet
    'medium well'...
    That's just 'asking' for trouble... And it's gonna 'need' sauce...

    The cook knows you don't wanna see pink, and will usually go a few notches past that to ensure your 'by this point near impossible' happiness...

    My wife gets herself in the same jam when she orders steak out...
    And she'll never send something back because she fears retribution...
    The rule is we have to smile and be happy till after we finish dessert! :-)

    Again, love is my message...

    1. I can't disagree more with the original post. I have been there many times- maybe they used to play the music too loud, but the haven't any time that I have been there (I have been going for 2 years.) The food is great and I think that the atmosphere is cozy. I am not a young kid- am 52 - so I don't agree that the 25+ crowd would not like this place. If you want to enjoy good food in a sweet little place, give Cellos a call.

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        I've been there and found the food mediocre at best. No reason to return, I just didn't care for the quality of food. More like something I could make at home with minimal time, money and effort so why go out for it.

      2. This was by far the worst dining experience that I've ever encountered! I called far in advance to make reservations for a group of 13 people. I made it very clear that we wanted to be seated together. It was a farewell party and we did not want to be split up. I was told to tell every one to arrive at 5:15 pm to make sure that we were timely seated for the 5:30 pm serving. We arrived at the time requested but the door was locked with a "closed" sign hanging in the window. Needless to say I was a bit panicked since I was the person in charge and couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. I knocked on the door and at 5:30 pm the door was unlocked. We were NOT seated together and when we asked if we couldn't please move the two tables together (and it could have easily been done) they absolutely refused. The waiter was "MORE" than just rude! It got worse - not better. One of the couples was so set back by her rudeness that they decided to leave. It gets worse! The chef came out and announced that everyone needed to move their cars and park them in the opposite direction. Now let me further explain something This restaurant only seats a max of 30 people. The parking lot would easily hold 20+ cars and there was only a total of 23 people for the early seating. We weren't nicely asked but rather rudely demanded. Now 2 more couples decided the attitude of the waiter was simply unacceptable and so they also departed. Still the rudeness continued. Prior to my making reservations I read all the reviews and noticed that there were 2 negatives. This concerned me and I even discussed it with the person taking my reservations. Needless to say this whole experience was worse than a bad dream - it was a nightmere! The food was acceptable but the service was totally unacceptable. We live in a 55+ community and had this been a positive experience it would have been shared with many but unfortunately I don't think that will happen and rightfully so.