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Jul 29, 2006 11:22 PM

Romantic restaurant in Manhattan

My son and his wife are celebrating their first anniversary. I'm looking for recommendations for a good romantic restaurant in Manhattan, as well as approximate cost for 2 to enjoy a nice dinner (my plan is to get them a gift certificate). I'm not too picky as to type of cuisine...I'm more interested in ambiance. Thanks!

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  1. With so many wonderful restaurants to choose from, a few specifics will help Hounds narrow things down and provide appropriate suggestions.

    1. What cuisines do your son and his wife prefer?

    2. People's opinion of what constitutes "romantic" can differ. Would they prefer lots of flowers and frou frou; quiet with soothing (minimalist) decor; or small and charming?

    3. Any budgetary constraints?

    1. They've always been open to any cuisine. Small and charming sounds good. I'm thinking $150 for the 2 of them.

      1. Bouley (French cuisine) in Tribecca is a great romantic restaurant. It might be a bit of a stretch, financially but I haven't been there recently but you can look at their menus online.

        Annisa's 5 course tasting menu is $68/person. It's an intimate restaurant.

        I absolutely love Aureole. It's romantic, cozy atmosphere. Their dinner menu, prixe fixe, starts at $79. Their 7 course tasting menu is $89.

        Cru is good too. Great wine list.

        Le Bernardin is a very romantic restaurant where you can have a quiet conversation. Excellent food and service.

        Picholine in the Upper West Side

        I also love the Red Cat.

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          I really like Wallse in the Village. It's a small austrian-oriented restaurant that does simple foods very well. Small, cozy and romantic.

        2. If one asked for the definition of romantic, I would point to Le Bernardin and say "the opposite of that." lol

          It looks like what it is - a restaurant built in a slightly re-designed lobby of a late 60s-early 70s office building. And since the room has a very high ceiling and is more or less open across the whole place, you never forget you're dining with 90 (or whatever) other people. I'm not saying the place is hideous or anything, but "interesting" is about the most positive thing I can bring myself to say about it...

          1. I think Danube is one of the most romantic restaurants in Manhattan. I always feel like I've been on a mini-vacation when I eat there, and it's a shock to go back out into the city. Regular menu would probably be okay price-wise, but tasting menu might be a little high. Easy to find info and menu online.