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Jul 29, 2006 11:13 PM

Jonvince stale

I went to the Jonvince store on Steeprock today. Bewarned all the nuts I sampled - sampling is essential - are stale. JV goes through periods like this .

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  1. Agreed! I bought some trail mix there and it was rancid. Ugh. Bulk Barns tend to be much cleaner and much fresher.

    1. Very true, they are the distributor for Planters nuts in this area. I called to complain about a stale jar of honey roasted peanuts. They sent me a coupon but they obviously didn't care. Like I want more of their rancid nuts!

      1. JohnVince some years ago changed their name of their stores/franchised outlets years ago which was telling me something. They have chocolate/candy production and who knows what else, which likely is still doing well! I conclude that they are not interested in the consumer, but more inclined to maximum distribution to the highest possible amount of retailers everywhere. An apple seller used to drive down from the country to sell apples directly and this direction perhaps has now gone from fresh apples to stale nuts, nuts,!!!