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Jul 29, 2006 10:47 PM

Spiciest dishes in L.A.?

I nominate the BBQ beef salad at Yai (if you ask them to make Thai-style!), the nam prik oom (sp?) at Sri Siam and several dishes at Renu Nakorn. The long-gone, much-missed Sri Lankan restaurant Chamika Catering had a spicy "deviled meat," and Szechuan hotpot never disappoints. I'm trying Chung King for the first time tonight, so I'll probably have new contenders soon. What dishes do YOU count on to pack the heat?

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  1. The seafood stew (haemul tang) at Ka-San on Foothill near Pennsylvania, in La Crescenta. If you order it "Korean spicy" it's unbelievably hot -- and yet flavourful and actually a little bit sweet.

    1. The mustard at Phillipe's does a nice job....

      1. Bombay Cafe offers two "frankies." The lamb frankie is probably the spiciest thing I eat intentionally and repeatedly, tummy trouble be damned. I recommend pre-emptive antacid before ordering.

        1. orochon ramen in little tokyo

          i've never had it but "special 2" is the pinnacle of spiciness. i couldn't even handle regular 2, which is 3 levels lower. eat at your own risk.

          if you finish the bowl of special 2 within 30min, you get a polaroid on the wall of fame.

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            Special level 2 is less a food item and more like a witch's brew that can make the devil himself (herself?) shiver with fear ...

          2. Almost anything I have ever had at Oriental Pearl on Valley Blvd. in San Gabriel's retail annex to the Hilton Hotel complex should qualify.
            Likewise, your experience tonight at Chung King should be enlightening. Hope to get there next week to compare notes.