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Jul 29, 2006 10:19 PM

Twin Mountain, Littleton, NH area recs

I imagine there isn't much to choose from in this area but we will be spending a few days with relatives in Twin Mountain and could use a few suggestions. I've heard mentioned a place called Crustaceans in Littleton. Any info?

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  1. The Littleton Diner has great roast beef hash. They make their own. We liked a casual dinner at the Miss Lyndon Diner in VT. Don't miss Bishop's for ice cream.

    1. Down the road in Whitefield, NH, you will find one of the real treasures of Northern NH. The Mountain View Grand resort, is a fully restored, wood hotel in the style of the MT. Washington and the Balsams. The dining rooms are open to the public and serve breakfast, brunch/lunch, and dinners. Breakfast and lunch are surprisingly reasonable, considering your magnificent surroundings. Here is a link to their website:

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        Thanks for mentioning the Mountain View House!!!
        We're in Littleton for 3 days this Fall and we'll definetley be trying this place for food and drink.

      2. A bit of a drive, but having breakfast at Polly's Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill is well worth it. I've woken up in North Conway, driven an hour to Polly's, then an hour "home" and been very happy about it.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions..We didn't make the Littleton Diner due to logistics but all indications and comments we heard were good..likewise Polly's Pancake.
          We did hit the Crustaceans Restaurant in the Thayer House and can't recommend it especially to chowhounds. Point of maximum interest: A drunk falling off the barstool still wearing his baseball (or was it a John Deere hat) and being escorted out lurching through the dining room..soon followed by his buddy...must have been the designated driver.
          Really poor amateurish service..rolls at the end of the meal when they had to be asked for..steak tough as shoe leather, clams linguine with the smallest cultured clams
          I have ever seen..about the size of dimes. Numerous requests for the check when the manager or hostess ultimately brought it. Waittress not seen for the last half hour. I'd pass this one by unless you're looking for some offbeat entertainment.
          Rosa Flamingo's in Bethlehem is another server amateur hour. Unable to answer any questions regarding meal preparation such as whether a veal dish is a pounded cutlet or a ground patty. In all fairness, she did get the answer and was correct (pounded). Half roast duck was quite tough and the server was never in the area to request a stiletto to get the carving job done so a sharpened stick had to do.
          Sambuca's and coffee's were ordered but the coffee portions required a flare gun to get the server's attention and ultimate serving.
          Fabyan Station was our third choice and probably the best though really not Chowhound material. OK food, OK service..nice surrrounding in old rail station.
          I think that if you want really good food and professional service in this area, you may have to pay the price of the likes of the Mount Washington Hotel and gentlemen, wear your jackets.

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