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Jul 29, 2006 10:02 PM

Panetteria Falai - what happened

We had brunch there several times before and it was always fine. Today, the prosciutto panini was made with cheese, prosciutto and foccacia that were pizza parlor quality and served with a salad that was drowning in balsamic. Yogurt with berries was about 1 small container of yogurt with maybe 5-6 berries in it. No wonder it was empty.

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  1. This may be an unrelated qualm, but the only time I tried to go there, it smelled... like a toilet. Probably b/c the bathroom opens right onto the dining room, and it's not a big room. It was so disgusting I can't bring myself to ever try it again, even though Falai is a favorite of mine. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    1. I work in the neighborhood, so I end up there quite often. The place does certainly have its issues: the long waits, the haphazzard service, the inconsistent food, the general feeling of chaos, etc. Normally, I would have written the place off, but the food is so good when it's on, that I always feel compelled to return. The spicy salami on focaccia with onion confit and teleggio cheese is particularly good. And the bombollones...oh man.